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Inspirational Women – Lauren Rogers

As a part of our Inspirational Women campaign for International Women’s Day, QBD Books had the opportunity to sit down with the wonderfully talented artist, Lauren Rogers. Lauren has designed a gorgeous and unique rainforest series, which has been printed on cotton totes and is, no surprise, much-loved by our QBD Books community. 

We are so excited to highlight Lauren, her art, and her perspective as a proud Ngarabal and Torres Strait Islander woman. In our Q&A below, get ready to learn about her inspiration for her design, the women who inspire her, and her next big creative endeavors. 

Let’s dive in! 

1.Let’s get to know Lauren Rogers! When did you first start creating art, what do you love to read, when you aren’t creating how do you like to spend your spare time, etc.?

I started creating art at a young age, experimenting with various forms and mediums. Art has always allowed me to express myself and connect with my cultural heritage as a proud Ngarabal and Torres Strait Islander woman.  
When I’m not creating, I love to read books that explore Indigenous history, culture, and art. Learning about the stories and experiences of my ancestors is incredibly inspiring and helps me deepen my artistic practice.

2. What is the origin story of Lauren Rogers Arts?

The origin story of Lauren Rogers Arts began with a desire to share my Indigenous art and culture with the world. I wanted to create a platform where I could showcase my artwork and raise awareness about the beauty and significance of Indigenous art.

3. When did you first realise that creating and making art was your passion, and then a future career path?

Through my art, I aim to challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and create a dialogue about Indigenous issues. I realised that making art was my passion and a potential career path when I saw my artwork’s impact on people. The way my art resonated with others and sparked conversations made me realise the power of art to create change and connection.

4. We adore showcasing and selling your incredible designs across our stores nationwide, where do you find the inspiration for your artwork?

Finding inspiration for my artwork comes from various sources. I draw inspiration from my cultural heritage, the natural world, and the stories passed down through generations. I also find inspiration in everyday experiences, emotions, and the resilience of Indigenous communities and people. The vibrant colours, patterns, and symbols in my artwork reflect the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures.


5. What is your creative process when designing a new art piece? How long does it usually take to complete a finished piece?

My creative process when designing a new art piece involves research, contemplation, and experimentation. I start by exploring the theme or concept I want to convey and gather reference materials. I then sketch out ideas and play with different colour palettes and techniques. The time it takes to complete a finished piece varies depending on the complexity and size, but on average, it can take several weeks to a few months to complete a piece.

6. What projects are you currently working on, is 2024 a huge year in terms of creative adventures and exhibitions for yourself?

In terms of projects, I am currently working on a series of artworks that explore the connection between land, identity, and spirituality. I am also planning for exhibitions and creative adventures in 2024, which promises to be an exciting year filled with new opportunities to showcase my art and engage with diverse audiences.

7. How do you feel about collaborating with QBD Books?

Collaborating with QBD Books is an incredible opportunity for me. It allows me to reach a wider audience and share my art with more people. I am grateful for the support and platform that QBD Books provides, and I am excited to see our collaboration grow.

8. What women in your life inspire and empower you?

The women in my life, both past and present, inspire and empower me in countless ways. My mother, grandmother’s, my sister and aunties have been strong role models who have instilled in me a deep sense of pride in my culture and a drive to make a difference through my art. 
Indigenous women artists who have paved the way and continue to break barriers also inspire me. Their resilience, creativity, and ability to challenge the status quo inspire me to push the boundaries of my own artistic practice.


We would like to extend a huge thank-you to Lauren for taking the time to chat with us and take photos of her stunning designs. 

To order your own unique tote bag you can visit us in-store or online here. 

To stay up-to-date with Lauren and her wonderful creative projects you can visit her social media here:

IG: @lauren_rogers_art 

Or her website here. 

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