Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!


Who doesn’t love Winnie The Pooh?

Every January 18th, on the author’s birthday, fans get together at events Teddy Bear’s picnics and celebrate the funny, cuddly, silly old bear and his friends. 

wpSome Winnie the Pooh facts:

08c58703e9c34fdaff7a1eec16aa6f06The characters in Winnie the Pooh are based on toys owned by the author’s son., who also features in the books as Christopher Robin.

08c58703e9c34fdaff7a1eec16aa6f06Winnie the Pooh first appeared on the printed page in 1926.

08c58703e9c34fdaff7a1eec16aa6f06You can actually visit a place called ‘Pooh Corner’ in Hartfield, east Sussex, where the books were written. There are also streets named after him in Warsaw & Budapest.

08c58703e9c34fdaff7a1eec16aa6f06There is a game called ‘Poohsticks’. Each player throws a stick over the upstream side of a bridge into a stream or river, the winner being the person whose stick emerges first from under the bridge.

08c58703e9c34fdaff7a1eec16aa6f06The Latin version of Winnie the Pooh is the only Latin book ever to crack the New York Times bestseller list.

08c58703e9c34fdaff7a1eec16aa6f06Pooh’s signature red t-shirt was added in 1932 by Stephen Slesinger, a producer who bought the rights to Pooh. When Disney bought the rights a little later they decided to keep the look.


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