Captain Marvel, Vol. 01: Higher, Further, Faster, More

9780785190134What a cool story! With loose tie ins to some of the Guardians of the Galaxy storyline, Captain Marvel is Marvel girl power at its freshest!
For me, DC Comics have always done the better female superheroes but Marvel is doing some great modern work and along with Alias: Jessica Jones and Miss Marvel they are becoming the frontrunner.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is travelling through space carrying a cargo of medical supplies when she encounters Tik. Danvers, who also makes a brief appearance in Alias: Jessica Jones; endeavours to return the girl to her home planet. Upon arrival she is dragged into an interplanetary argument about re-homing the already re-homed population who have become ill and are dying out since inhabiting the dry and desolate planet. Only after much arguing and many betrayals do they find that the planet is being mined for Vibranium and the mining activities are proving toxic for the planet’s inhabitants. Sort of like a Marvel-style Erin Brokovich, Captain Marvel fights to the very last to preserve the fledgling population and defeat the greedy overlords.

If you love an old school story with some new school artwork, give this one a go, you’ll be super pleased! See what we did there?

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