Author Spotlight: Kazu Kibuishi

Kazu KibuishiKazu Kibuishi is a Japanese/American graphic novelist who is best known for his work as the author of the children graphic novel series called “Amulet”. He is also quite known for his work as the creator and editor of two comic anthology series (“Flight” and “Explorer”) as well as his own web comic series, “Copper”. While he has had great opportunities to work with other amazing graphic novels as he compiled his anthologies, He was also given the privilege to design covers for one of American editions of the Harry Potter Books. Kibuishi uses his immediately recognisable illustrations that are full of colour and detail to tell his creative tales of adventure, mystery and magic. He has the ability to create relatable characters while also being able to place them in fascinating and inspirational situations. His work is perfect for all ages as he has a vast selection of works that are suitable for different readers. Everyone will be able to enjoy his whimsical and magic stories that are full of intrigue as well as a bit of humour.

Here is a closer look at some of his fantastic work:

Amulet Series (1-7):

Amulet Series 1-7This children’s adventure series follows the main character Emily Hayes (“Em” for short) as she embarks upon a magical journey through the world of Alledia. As Emily (with the company of her brother and mother) move into her late grandfather’s old house, she discovers a magical amulet whilst exploring and puts it on. Immediately her life is turned upside down as the family discovers that there is more to their grandfather than they thought. After her mother is brutally taken away by a strange creature, it is all up to Emily and brother, Navin to venture into a strange world to find and save her. A magical series full of intrigue, action and sorcery that is told from the perspective of a brave and determined young girl. Kibuishi is able to introduced a unique range of creatures and characters throughout the series that readers can grow attached to as well as fear. This series is full of action and mystery as Emily faces new creatures who are out to stop her from completely her missions. She is a great protagonist who fills the reader with hope and determination as she continues to take on anything that is thrown at her. This is also a wonderful series that takes place over a long course of time and so it’s really fun to watch these characters grow and mature. A beautifully detailed series full of colour and little amount of text. Kibuishi uses his amazing illustrations to tell the story rather throwing in a large amount of text. This is set to be a 9 volume series with the 7th Volume just released in the last month. A perfect series for all ages, especially young children who love adventures.


0-545-09892-0This book is a compilation of all the comics from Kazu Kibuishi’s popular web-comic series. The comic series follows a boy named Copper and the adventure he goes on with his talking dog by the name of Fred. Set in a futuristic world full of amazing creations and beautiful landscapes, Kibuishi tells short stories of these two friends as they go through different odd situations. With no two stories being quite the same, He creates tales of all sizes that range for a single page story to 18-page one. Each story gives the reader more insight into the main characters lives and own personal plots as little details are added that contributes to the mystery of these quirky characters’ lives. Another amazing thing about these comics is the colour filled art work. There is a huge focus around the illustrations within this compilation as some stories have little or no text, leaving the reader to only interpret the plot simply through just the detailed and fun art. This is a wonderful graphic novel that all can enjoy as it can appeal to a range of ages. Though some plot lines have humour and meaning that can only be understood by older readers, younger readers will still be able to enjoy the amazing illustrations and the simple plots.

Explorer Anthology Series (1-3):

Explorer Series 1-3This is an anthology series that was created and edited by Kazu Kibuishi that showcases short stories of many of his fellow graphic novelists as well as a story also from himself. It is a magical series that collect very different tales that all include a common theme which the author can include in whichever way they please that is accompanied by beautiful colour filled illustrations. The first book of this series is “The Mystery Boxes” which deals with different stories that all have the added element of a mysterious box. The amazing thing about this series, is that each author has a unique way of approaching the theme, with some making more obvious placements of it while others hide it and slowly reveal the connection. This is also an awesome anthology series as it gives readers a look into other graphic novelist’s work as they give them a taste of their writing and art style. Some of the incredible novelists include; Raina Telgemeier (author of Smile), Emily Carroll (author of Through The Woods) and Faith Erin Hicks (author of Friends With Boys). This series is a great way to find new authors to check out and helps more unknown authors get more exposure. A great series for all types of readers as there is a story for everyone in each volume.

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