Author Q&A with Sam Kerr

Samantha Kerr is not only a talented Australian soccer star, but she is also an incredible children’s author. Her new books “Kicking Goals: The Flip Out” and “Kicking Goals: A New Knight” have just hit the shelves and demand to be read. With page-turning action and plenty of sports references, these books are perfect for young sports fanatics and fans of the “Tiny Timmy” and “Billie B. Brown” books.

Exclusively for QBD Books, Sam Kerr talks about her new titles and her journey in the sports world:

How did you make the transition from footballer to author?

Ha-ha, I’m just trying to share my journey and have a series available that kids can look forward to picking up and reading. They are stories that they can relate to and then see it lived out whilst they watch me still playing today.

What’s the inspiration behind your story?

 It’s my story. It shares so much of my life and challenges. Including the joys of school, home life and sport. It includes so many real-life stories which I’m hoping many kids can relate to.

What motivated your foray into soccer?

I just wanted to play sport. Growing up, I was AFL through and through but there was no pathway. I had to choose the next best sport for me, quickly falling in love with football (soccer)

Can you tell us about the importance of inclusivity?

 It’s very important, in sport yes, but more importantly in day to day to life. Everyone should feel comfortable to be in their own skin.

As the captain of the Matildas – how did you overcome obstacles on and off the pitch?

 Everyone deals with obstacles differently; I have always just tried to keep a positive mind and keep my mind set on the process rather than the outcome. 

How does it feel to have inspired so many young girls and women to play soccer?

It’s something I am really proud of. For young kids to have female role models growing up is something I always wanted. Every game I go into I try and play at my absolute best because I know so many young kids look up to me and the whole of the Matildas.


To order “Kicking Goals: The Flip Out” and “Kicking Goals: A New Knight,” you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store! 

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