Amazing Book Art

Here at QBD we are such massive fans of books that cutting one up is tantamount to sacrilege….however we could not help but admire the brilliant works of Brian Dettmer, an artist that works with antiquated objects to give them new life and beauty.  Dettmer’s work can be found in several public and private collections throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


There are many awesome artists that contribute to this new form of sculpture, and to be honest, they blow our minds.  The imagination and scope of their projects is awe-inspiring.

tumblr_mqq04gdfjS1rs84oho1_500 Guy-Laramée_web15 2008-the-wild-swansfastidious-book-art-cut-folded.w654

If (like us) you can’t bring yourself to chop up those precious pages, there is the art of page folding to make shapes and words. Also known as book origami, this is perfect for beginners! If you would like to give it a try check out the easy-to-follow tutorial below:




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