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Our team at QBD Charlestown are always ready with a book suggestion!
This week they’ve shared with us what they’re currently enjoying,
perfect to add to your New Year’s reading list!

9781849833271Bridge of Spies by Giles Whittell:
This is a true story of 3 extraordinary men involved in the most legendary prisoner exchange in history. The thing I like about this book is that although it’s a true story of the Cold War … it reads like a novel. You really get the feel and taste of the heightened political tensions that brought the United States and Russia so very close to the brink of nuclear war in the 1960’s. An amazing story of a piece of history I knew nothing about. – Steve (Store Manager)

The Revenant by Michael Punke: 
The Revenant is based on the true story of the trapper Hugh Glass when he is attacked by a grizzly bear. His companions abandon him, taking all of his equipment, not to mention his favourite rifle.
A fantastic story of determination, survival and a man bent on revenge. I thought it was a fantastic book, and I cannot wait to see the movie. – Daniel

9780732292676Timekeeper 01: Dreaming of Zhou Gong by Traci Harding:
Dreaming of Zhou Gong is a fantasy novel set in ancient China during a time where common folk are suffering under the rule of the bloodthirsty Shang empire. The Ji brothers set out with noble intentions to overthrow the emperor and his enchantress and bring peace for the land and it’s people, uniting with the Wu, a mysterious community hidden away on the sacred mountain of Li Shan, rumoured to be gifted with the magical blessings of Heaven. This, however, is only the very basics of Dreaming of Zhou Gong, a book layered with twists and turns. It has magic, action, romance, mystery; a little bit of everything you could need in a great story but the real highlight for me was the vast and interesting cast of characters and their dynamic that made for an enjoyable and amusing read. – Megan

Michael Jordan- The Life by Roland Lazenby:
This a book I’m very passionate about. Not only does Ronald Lazenby bring you into the life of Michael but also his history, where he comes from and the people around that shaped and guided him. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves basketball or sports. It’s inspiring to me and educational towards learning effort and commitment to be the best at what you do. – Carter

9780143004615Jessica by Bryce Courtnenay:
Grab a box of tissues because this is Courtenay at his best. This book is about everything we, as human beings hold dear….love, family, pride, friendship and the basic need of survival.
An Australian classic set in the New South Wales outback, spanning from the outbreak of World War One through to the Depression, this book will evoke emotions you didn’t think you had.
It follows the life of Jessica, a young girl in the bush who must keep her head held high and fight for truth, justice and the true meaning of love.
Uplifting and heart breaking all mixed into one must read novel. – Belinda

The New 52- Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello: 
The New 52 is a delightful re-imagining of the DC Comics universe, bringing life back to some of the oldest and most famous comic characters. The New Wonder Woman puts us in a god and gore-filled world of mystic powers, other realms and most importantly, Super Heroes! This graphic novel series is excellent, whether you’ve been reading DC Comics for years or if you are just catching the Super Hero Fever after watching the movies. – Mitchell

9780992334468The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham:
Tilly Dunnage returns to the town in which she grew up to look after her mad old mother. Tilly tries to be accepted by the townspeople who drove her away, but they are relentless in their dislike. However the women commission her to make them couture dresses. Tilly slowly plans her revenge on these unforgiving locals. Ultimately her revenge comes to fruition and she boards the next train out of town.
This book is filled with many fascinating characters whose lives intertwine. The descriptive writing style makes it hard to put the book down. The unexpected plot keeps the readers guessing and hanging on for the ending. Ham’s first novel is a great read. – Remy

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas:
A book series in four parts, throne of glass introduces us to Celaena Sardothien, the world’s youngest and most notorious assassin. At a tender age of eighteen Celaena is whisked away to fight for the king, a cruel tyrant determined to dominate all of the kingdom. This first novel combines magic and mythology, intertwined with traditional medieval castles and knights, and at its centre a very powerful female lead. Throne of glass is a fantastic novel that draws readers in from the first page. – Amorette

9781401248192Watchmen by Alan Moore: 
Described as the “comic book that changed all comic books”, Watchmen is a groundbreaking graphic novel written by acclaimed author Alan Moore. Starting out as a murder mystery, Watchmen progresses into a story about retired heroes as they unravel a dark conspiracy that could or could not alter the fate of the world.
Watchmen was one of the first graphic novels I ever read and I believe it was an excellent introduction into the medium. Watchmen takes a new approach to the super hero genre and explores a world in which the presence of costumed heroes has altered American history.
Watchmen is excellently written, containing complex characters as well as a sophisticated plot. I enjoyed Alan Moore’s exploration of morality and the human condition. What distinguishes Watchmen from most other comic book superheroes is Moore’s choice to explore the weaknesses of his characters, because at the end of the day his characters were just ordinary people who made an extraordinary decision to put on a costume and fight crime. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Comics and Graphic Novels. – Camille

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller:
Set 10 years after The Batman was last seen, crime and violence has driven Gotham City to the brink of self destruction. An ageing Bruce Wayne decides that it’s time to rid the City of it’s disease. And with the return of The Batman, Villians like Harvey Dent and The Joker come back to battle with the Bat one last time. Also, witness one of the best battles in Comic Book History between The Batman and Superman. It’s awesome!
Frank Miller’s take on The Dark Knight breathed fresh air into Batman in an era of the Campy Adam West Batman TV Show. Dark, gritty and violent, The Dark Knight Returns set the standard for Batman, as well as Graphic Novels, and was a major inspiration for the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy. Definitely essential reading for any Comic Book fan. 10 out of 10 Batarangs to the face.- Jason

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