Reviewsday: Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

rsz_9780571288656A thrilling collection of five short stories that all involve the frightening concept of what lies within the woods. In Carroll’s debut graphic novel we explore the creative mind of this talented author who tells the stories of five different main characters who all go through unbelievable experiences. With stories about such things as missing siblings and chilling songs in the night, and characters filled with mystery and jealousy, each tale will leave the reader wanting more and wondering what really was happening to these characters.

Each story is accompanied with beautiful and dark illustrations, with the use of dark toned colours to project the eerie atmosphere. With special use of bright colours such as red and blue, Carroll is able to make specific details like the expressions of the characters, jewellery and the locations more noticeable and gives them more of an importance to the story. As well as the illustrations, the text within this graphic novel is presented in a unique manner. On many occasions, it is seen that the text is presented in different fonts and word sizes to help portray the emotions of the characters such as fear, caution, curiosity and confusion. It also helps the reader connect with the character by sharing these feelings.

Emily Carroll did an extraordinary job with this graphic novel as she was able to create such scary stories with such little text, background and colour but was still able to extract deep emotions from her readers. She is definitely a graphic novelist to keep an eye out for.

A great spooky read that is perfect for beginners in the graphic novel genre, fans of mystery and slight horror and also for those who enjoy mind blowing short stories.

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