Reviewsday: Black by Fleur Ferris

fleur ferris

They say Black Marshall is cursed….

I had NO IDEA Fleur Ferris would choose this topic for her second book! Gutsy effort and I have to say, she has well and truly conquered that second novel mountain.

Black Marshall is the outcast in a small country town, there may or may not be a secret sect watching her every move, but why? what’s so important about her? What aren’t her parents telling her?

I spent the days I read this book waiting to get home so I could get back to reading it, I just needed to know what happened. Young adult suspense can be REALLY hit and miss, but here folks, we have a hit. I know I’ll be telling everyone I know to get their own copy and make this woman some money!

I didn’t hate a single character, except for the obvious ones, and one I thought I hated turned out to be one I had the most sympathy for.

The setting is great and I couldn’t imagine the same story being told as effectively if it had been set anywhere other than the small country town that Ferris writes so well. I also loved the genuine touches, small towns have underage drinking and it’s a problem but it doesn’t get hidden in Black, it’s just a part of life. Small towns have people who can be overly devoted to their respective faiths and small towns can be both a refuge and a prison.

Black Marshall is a strong character and I adore her. And Ed?! AND Aiden?! Holy gorgeous Batman! Two lovely boys who would have and did go the extra mile for Black when everyone else seemed to run a mile in the other direction just to get away from her.

The A’s were a great addition as well, it’s not often people stand up for one and other anymore and it’s so great to see this kind of friendship in a young adult novel where so many others are full of backstabbing and boyfriend stealing.

There is a definite darkness to this book and that is perhaps what I loved most about it, the tie in to one of the few Australian urban legends I had actually heard of and been taunted with by older cousins who grew up in a similar small border town with a tiny population was a light bulb moment for me, absolutely brilliant.

I can’t say enough how much I implore people to read Black, and to also then read Risk, or vice versa! #LoveOzYa and show it by reading Fleur Ferris.

Holy wow I loved this book!

– Sam, QBD Eastland

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