QBD Reviews: Peacemaker by Marianne De Pierres

peacemakerVirgin Jackson is passionate about just one thing; her father’s legacy, the miniscule remaining patch of natural land that she works to preserve and protect. As a Ranger, her job is to monitor and maintain the land, shielding it from the pesky tourists who come to gawk and gasp in awe. Most days, it’s her dream job and there’s nowhere else she’d rather be – but most days, there aren’t dead bodies in the security-heavy park.

On top of the mysterious body, which a cut-throat detective is determined to blame her for, Virgin has orders from her boss to babysit the new hot shot in town, U.S. Marshal Nate Sixkiller. The solemn, vegetarian, wannabe cowboy with his ever-changing voice is the most infuriating person Virgin has ever met, so much so that even saving her from a potential kidnapping isn’t quite enough to redeem him… though with people targeting her every time she turns the corner for no good reason, it’s probably a good thing he has her back. Now if only she could figure out why people are targeting her, where the odd gang sign on the dead bodies originates from and what her deceased father has to do with all the chaos…

Set in a futuristic Australian megacity, Peacemaker has everything you never knew you needed in a sci-fi novel and much, much more. Rife with original, sassy and continually surprising characters, clichéd tourist traps running rampant and gang rivalry exploding onto the scene when you least expect it, this is a thrilling unique and humourous story with more surprises up its sleeves than you’ll be prepared for.

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