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Everything EveythingMadeline Whittier is a teenage girl that is allergic to the world outside of her house. If she so much as steps outside of her front door, she is risking death. She has no idea what life outside of the safety her mother provides for her, but she would give just about anything to find out.

Olly is the boy who moves in next door. Madeline has a highly keen interest in him from the moment she sets her eyes on him and his family, and the pair exchange email addresses through their bedroom windows. They form a remarkable friendship, and they soon discover that love is a terribly crazy thing, and sometimes people will go to insane lengths to keep it.

Everything, Everything is, without a doubt, the most amazing book I have read throughout 2016. I read the entire book in one sitting, and I cannot stop recommending it to everybody I speak to about it! When I first finished it, I was so very lost for words.

This is a compelling novel with such riveting and engrossing characters. It’s such a fun read because not only is the story completely enthralling, but there are adorable little sketches throughout! I’ll be very lucky if I find another book any time soon that captivates me and entrances me as much as this one did. Only every now and then do you come across a read as incredible as this, so do yourself the courtesy of purchasing this lovely little book and diving straight into it!

~ Holly

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