QBD Reviews: Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui

ass classWelcome to Class E. A classroom for delinquents, rebels, underachievers and failures, laughed at and mocked by the rest of the school. Oh, and did we mention their teacher is a tentacled monster that can move at Mach 20, create clones of himself and will blow up the Earth in a year? And that these students have been tasked to assassinate this monster? Talk about a killer curriculum. Follow the students of Class E as they fight their teacher, assassinate exams and try out a whole lot of different kill methods. A fun read for all ages that teaches you can achieve wonderful things no matter what your position is in life.

Assassination Classroom has been a manga series I have followed as it has been released. Finishing at 180 Chapters (20 Volumes) this has been a tale that has caused me to laugh loud and I believe has crafted beautiful, fun and deep characters that interact in believable and refreshing ways, given the complete absurdity of the premise. Something else to consider with manga is the artwork. I also believe that this series art used compliments the absurd and quite ridiculous story. I have had a lot of fun reading and following this series, watching the characters evolve and the plot unravel. Together with the wonderful, bittersweet ending, this is definitely a manga series I hope continues to shine.

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