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QBD Books’ New Top 100 Book List

Hey QBD Books Lovers, we have a brand NEW Top 100 Book List to share with you! These titles are the bestselling books from the last three months. Our list contains a range of categories which are fiction, non-fiction, and children’s fiction. This is divided even further into popular sub-categories such as crime fiction, cookbooks, BookTok, romance, biographies, and more. 

Keep reading to see our favourite picks from our new Top 100!

“The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson writes in her diary as a therapeutic outlet to prove to her cherished husband, Gabriel, that she is fine and to not worry about her well-being. Until late one evening, Alicia shoots Gabriel dead and then does not utter another word. 

A diligent and intelligent forensic psychotherapist, Theo Faber, quickly becomes obsessed with Alicia’s crime and believes he can efficiently treat her. But as Theo discovers more about his patient, he realises there is a lot more to Alicia than he first thought. And if he does succeed in her treatment,  will he want to hear the truth?

“The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman 

This murder mystery is filled with wit, charm, humour and a gang of quirky and hilarious characters who reside in a quiet retirement village. The group of elderly characters calls themselves the Thursday Murder Club, who meet once a week to discuss and investigate unsolved murder cases. However, a violent killing occurs very close to their home, and the Thursday Murder Club finds themselves in their first active case. Can the unconventional but brilliant group work together to catch the killer?

“Against The Water” by Owen Wright 

A truly inspiring and heart-wrenching memoir of how one of Australia’s most-talented surfers overcame the hurdle of a serious brain injury and went on to win an Olympic gold medal. 

This raw and unbelievable story recounts the fateful day that Owen Wright suffered extensive brain trauma from monstorous waves in Pipeline, Hawaii. Then his extensive rehabilitation which started with basic functioning to the capacity to compete again in peak surfing. 

“Heartstrong” by Ellidy Pullin

This biography is a deeply moving story of love, loss, grief, hope, and joy. 

One Wednesday morning, Ellidy said goodbye to her partner Alex, who was going spearfishing, and unbeknown to her, Ellidy’s beloved husband would never return. Alex was found unconscious on the ocean floor. Not only faced with horrific grief, Ellidy also had to make a life-changing decision if she wanted to keep Alex’s sperm for the chance to have the dream child they always wanted. 

“Better Than The Movies” by Lynn Painter 

This sweet and hilarious title is a classic teen rom-com of two people not realising what is right in front of them. 

Liz Buxbaum is on a mission to be noticed by her effortlessly cool crush, Michael. She will do whatever it takes to become a blip on his radar, and hopefully score herself her dream prom date. Liz enlists the help of an annoying but cute next-door neighbour, Wes Bennet. But as the pair scheme together, Liz realises she actually really enjoys Wes’ company and now she has to reexamine everything she believed to know about love – and what happily ever after looks like. 

“Love Theoretically” by Ali Hazelwood 

Elsie Hannaway has many different lives that she regularly jumps between. By day she is an assistant professor teaching thermodynamics in the hopes of achieving tenure, whilst making very little. On other days of the week, Elsie makes more cash by pretending to be a fake girlfriend for clients. The older brother of one of her favourite clients, Jack Smith, is revealed as a career rival and cold-hearted physicist. However, when Elsie is with Jack, she can finally be her true self. Will falling for the man who could sabotage her dream career finally put Elsie’s theories about love to the test?

To browse the complete Top 100 Books list visit us online here. All titles in the list are 20% off (RRP) when you shop online!

To find out more about the titles mentioned in this blog you can visit us in-store or online. Happy reading!

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