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QBD Book Club – September Highlights

Each month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine discuss an array of great books. This September, they reviewed “Chippy Chasers” by Sam Cotton, “One” by Jamie Oliver, and MORE! To order our September picks and compare your opinion to theirs, head in-store or to the QBD Books website now.

Here are the fantastic titles we featured this month: 

“All That’s Left Unsaid” by Tracey Lien 

After Ky Tran’s younger brother Denny is murdered inside a busy restaurant, she learns that the police are stumped by the case: a dozen people were at Lucky 8 restaurant when he died, but each of the bystanders claims to have seen nothing. As an antidote to grief and guilt, Ky is determined to track down the witnesses herself. Written by debut author Tracey Lien, “All That’s Left Unsaid” is a deeply emotional novel that demands to be read.

“One” by Jamie Oliver

This incredible title is packed with budget-friendly dishes that you can make any time – from quick dinners your whole family will love (yes, even the picky eaters!) to work-from-home lunches. What makes these recipes even better is that they can all be created with eight ingredients or less and only require one pot, pan, or tray to make! This must-have cookbook is the ONE for you.

“Chippy Chasers” by Sam Cotton

Who doesn’t love a delicious, hot, salty chippy? From outside the best chip shop in Australia, Stacey and Stanley watch enviously as all the human customers feed on as many chippies as they want. Fed up with having to scab for scraps with all the other seagulls, they decide to seek out legendary chippy thief SteveO to help them plan the ultimate heist… to steal a whole parcel of chippies! Do they have what it takes to pull off their great jackpot dream?

“Agent Moose” by Mo O’Hara and Jess Bradley

In this incredible story, something fishy is going on at the South Shore – folks are disappearing and are never seen again! When Agent Moose – the best (worse) secret agent in the Big Forest – learns that a key witness has gone missing, he and his sidekick Owlfred ride to the rescue. Will they find the missing turtle before time runs out?

“No Finish Line” by Johnny Ruffo

In 2011, Johnny Ruffo stepped into the spotlight on The X Factor Australia. After capturing the hearts of millions and placing third on the show, he was signed by Sony Music and offered a guest spot on Home and Away. As he quickly rose to exciting fame, he found it difficult to resist the weekend-long parties and fair-weather friends that came with the territory. Soon, he began to suffer from severe headaches and a change of speech. At this point, he was rushed to hospital and a brain tumour was found. Despite a period of remission – he still battles today. In a strange way, Johnny thinks the cancer saved his life…

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