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Books of the Month – August

This month, we are featuring “The Wrong Woman” by J.P. Pomare, “So You Want To Live Younger Longer?” by Dr Norman Swan, and “Cross Bones: A Dog’s Breakfast” by Jack Henseleit and Chris Kennett.

“The Wrong Woman” by J.P. Pomare

When Private Investigator Reid is offered a great sum of money to look into a suspicious car crash, he finds himself back in his hometown – a place he swore he’d never return. As his case unfolds, nothing is what it seems: rumours are swirling about the young woman who crashed the car and there are whispers about a second local student who has just disappeared. Will Reid find himself in the dangerous position of taking on his town again?

“So You Want to Live Younger Longer?” by Dr Norman Swan

Many of us dream of staying young as long as possible. The dilemma is, which of the pills, mental and physical exercise programs, diets and superfoods actually work? Some of them do help to keep us young, healthy and living longer, others are a downright waste of money. Who do we trust? That’s the journey that Dr Norman Swan is going to take you on in So You Want to Live Younger Longer?

“Cross Bones” by Jack Henseleit & Chris Kennett

Magnus, Daisy, Ed and Spot used to be the finest pirates on the great sea, until a run of bad luck took the wind out of their sails. Now, with a stolen map clutched in their paws, the dogs are looking for treasure again – but with endless dangers ahead, and with a mysterious new crew member lurking below deck, it seems their latest adventure might be their last…

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