Milennium Trilogy sequel announced!

dragon tattooA sequel to the Millenium Trilogy authored by Stieg Larsson has been completed!

At the time of his death Stieg Larsson reportedly had plans to write at least another seven novels, and was well underway in penning the fourth book- having written the beginning and end with the middle remaining unfinished.

That Which Does Not Kill is an action-packed political crime thriller completed in November 2014 by David Lagercrantz. Aussie fans can start jumping for joy, with  the title expected to be published on August 28 2015!

lisbeth salanderThe book will continue the story of the troubled but resourceful heroine Lisbeth Salander first made famous in Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. While Lagercrantz has confirmed that he has tried to remain loyal to Larsson’s writing style and mythology, he is keeping the meaning of the title and what direction the story will take close to his chest.

“Lisbeth Salander’s not just any superhero. She’s not only great because of her talents but also because of her context and background.”- Lagercrantz

(sources: http://www.stieglarsson.com/ & http://www.theguardian.com/)
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