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May – Books of the Month

Just like that, May is here… and we can’t wait to share our Books of the Month with you! This time, we are featuring “The Heart Is A Star” by Megan Rogers, “Emboldened” by Belinda Alexandra and “Bigfoot and Nessie 01: The Art of Getting Noticed” by Chelsea M Campbell and Laura Knetzger!

“The Heart Is A Star” by Megan Rogers 

This story follows Layla Burns – an exhausted woman juggling a demanding job, a disintegrating marriage, her children, a needy lover, and a histrionically unstable mother. However, this year – everything changes. When her mother rings just before Christmas, she doesn’t follow the usual script. Soon, Layla drops everything to rush to her childhood home on the wild west coast of Tasmania. She’s determined to finally confront her mother – find out what really happened to her father – and lay some demons to rest. 

“Emboldened” by Belinda Alexandra

How do you begin your life again when you’ve lost everything you’ve worked for and your dreams have been shattered?
That was the question beloved Australian author Belinda Alexandra faced herself. In a compelling and exquisite blend of memoir and history, Belinda shows readers that, no matter what challenge they might be facing, there is always the possibility of building a bold life full of meaning again from the ashes.

“Bigfoot and Nessie 01: The Art of Getting Noticed” by Chelsea M Campbell and Laura Knetzger

Meet Bigfoot and Nessie! Yes, that Bigfoot and Nessie. Only… things are a little complicated right now. Bigfoot is having trouble fitting in with his family. When he meets Nessie, who’s equally desperate to get away from the cameras, he begins to ask himself the ultimate question: What’s the price of fame after all? Big-hearted and clever, this story invites us to explore our most tender selves through friendship and creativity — and have quite a bit of fun in between!

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