Firebird Trilogy 01: A Thousand Pieces of You

If parallel universes existed and the technology to travel between them was being invented right before your eyes, what would you do to get your hands on it?

9780062357694Marguerite Caine knew her father’s life’s work was important but she never imagined that he would be murdered for it. The signs all point to one suspect: Paul, the young, enigmatic protégé Marguerite’s parents had taken under their wing. In the blink of an eye, her father is gone and so is his technology, safely strung around Paul’s neck in another dimension. Armed with prototypes of the final product, Marguerite and Theo, another physics student involved in the project, are determined to track down the traitor and bring him to justice but neither of them are prepared for the journey they are about to embark on.

Hopping between realities proves to be no easy task for the pair as they have to adjust to their new surroundings, find each other and then track down Paul all before he realises they’re following him.
When a confrontation arises and a catastrophe leaves all three stranded, Marguerite’s strong belief in Paul’s guilt is shaken to the core. As she slips more and more into the mind of her counterpart, whom is desperately in love with her universe’s Paul, she begins to find that the man she thought guilty of murdering her father may play an even more significant role in her life. Caught up in a love affair that transcends realities almost blinds Marguerite to the truth: something more sinister is afoot and the explosive occurrences that shook her world are part of a grander scheme.

With a delicious Doctor Who-like feel, A Thousand Pieces of You is a remarkable, richly weaved story that gives you the opportunity to fall in love with its characters over and over again. Jam packed with adventure, mystery, romance and surprises at every turn, Marguerite’s wild escapades will have you laughing and crying hysterically at different intervals and leave you begging for more.


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