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Book of the Month – January

Here at QBD Books, we are thrilled to announce our Books of the Month for January 2023! We are featuring “Headland” by John Byrnes, “The 10:10 Kickstart” by Sarah Di Lorenzo, and “Hedgewitch” by Skye McKenna. We hope you love them as much as we do!

“Headland” by John Byrnes

When a coastal town is evacuated after record floods, three young police officers are left behind… in danger. Constables Ellie Cameron and Larissa Brookes are young women struggling to show their worth as police officers under a misogynistic sergeant, and Detective Constable Craig Watson is a young man with a damaged past and an uncertain future. Their drowning town of Gloster holds a secret that someone is prepared to murder for. There is a killer in the flood water… and he needs them dead.

“The 10:10 Kickstart” by Sarah Di Lorenzo

Whether you’re just starting out on your weight-loss journey or are already a “10:10 Diet” convert, Sarah’s third book is full of deliciously nutritious recipes, healing smoothies, and detox menu plans to help you kickstart your way to better health. It expertly shows you how you can shed kilos, remove toxins from your body, sleep better, feel more energetic, have clearer skin, lower your risk of disease, and improve your mood and relationships.

“Hedgewitch” by Skye McKenna

When Cassie runs away from her dreary boarding school, in search of her missing mother, she ends up in the magical village of Hedgely and discovers she comes from a family of witches – women who protect Britain from the denizens of Faerie, who are all too real and far more frightening than the story books suggest.

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