All I Know Now

If you’ve ever seen Carrie Hope Fletcher in Les Miserables or War of the Worlds, or even a commercial when she was a child, read this book. If you’ve ever watched one of her youtube videos, read this book. Most importantly though, if you’ve never ever heard of Carrie, read this book.

All I Know NowI honestly cannot say enough good things about this book. Let’s put it this way: every single teenager, twenty something or person that feels like they just need to know there’s someone else out there fumbling and bumbling their way through life, hoping that no one realises that they really have no idea what they’re doing, should read this book.

Whilst many memoirs written by entertainment personalities seem to focus on how great they are and gloss over the bits where they might have been obnoxious bratty teenagers or had no idea what they were doing in their lives, ‘All I Know Now‘ is heavy on the ‘I’m not cool at all’, to the point where you start to forget that she’s semi famous, and start thinking that she’s just another awkward teenager you may have met in high school. Interwoven with stories of her own life, Carrie dishes out advice on love, friendships, bullies and popularity, underlined with a disclaimer that she really has no idea what she’s doing, either.

All I Know’ is an easy read; one that sucks you in and demands to be re read as soon as you finished it. I was tempted to go through with a highlighter and make notes of passages that I need reminding of on a weekly basis. Although it is definitely an ‘advice’ book, it’s not a self help book in anyway – more just the type of book that reminds you that whilst you might need a spoonful of advice now and then, in reality you’re doing pretty darn well as a human being.

Just go buy this book. I pinky promise you won’t regret.


PS. If you’re still not convinced that Carrie’s book isn’t something you need in your life, watch this video of one of her original songs. If it doesn’t convince you that she ‘gets it’, then nothing will 🙂

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