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We can’t wait for The Inheritance by Gabriel Bergmoser!

Gabriel Bergmoser is back with another unmissable, white-knuckle, gritty urban suspense thriller! Think Jack Reacher meets John Wick in a high-octane, high-speed chase on the dark streets of Melbourne.

In The Inheritance, a young woman is hiding out in a sleepy North Queensland tourist town, trying to stay under the radar, when she stumbles across a dangerous drug cartel. Anyone else might back away shaking their head, pretend they hadn’t seen anything, keep quiet, even though people are getting hurt. But Maggie is no ordinary girl. She’s got skills, as well as plenty of secrets to keep, burdens to carry – and anger to burn.

When circumstances mean that she has to get out of town – fast – she heads towards Melbourne, where she just might find the answers that she needs – answers about her family and who she really is.

With a bent cop for a dubious ally, the police tracking her and furious bikers on her trail, Maggie is in deep trouble. She’s only got her ingenuity and wits on her side – and a determination not to inherit the sins of her father.

Our team member Jodi was lucky enough to get an advanced reading copy of The Inheritance! Her review made us run out and preorder our copies straight away!

Following on from last year’s The Hunted, The Inheritance picks up where we left Maggie. 

She’s trying to live a quiet ordinary life, and not wanting to be memorable at all. But ultimately that is not the case. Maggie just can’t let bad people slip by and before long she is dishing out revenge. She didn’t intend to draw attention to herself, but the brutality in her retribution draws her past out and drags her back to Melbourne to face the darkest demons of her past. This is adrenaline filled, edge of your seat gripping thriller sucks you in and doesn’t let you go. Maggie is an incredible force to reckon with, a female version of John Wick if you will. 

The Inheritance is available in store and online from 28/7/2021! Preorder your copy today.

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