Spotlight on QBD Chermside 2016


Our Chermside team have some charming reading suggestions for you this week, as they shine under our QBD Spotlight!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne:

HP and Cursed‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ is, quite simply, AMAZING!!
You’ll get used to reading in script format after a few pages and, if anything, imagining how it played out added to the magic for me. The story follows Harry and his youngest son, Albus, and the struggles that fate and fame have bestowed upon them. I loved reading about the next generation of Hogwarts students. They are (like their elders before them) smart, witty, curious and get into all kinds of mischief.
The feelings of nostalgia (and at times pure dread), when reading about beloved and familiar characters was equally as magical. Packed with adventures, magic, memories and heart-pounding moments, this truly is a must read for all Harry Potter fans. – Rose (Store Manager)

The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly:

The Tea Rose follows the life of Fiona Finnegan from lowly factory girl in gritty East London in 1888, to wealthy and independent tea merchant in bustling New York. Yet there are things in her past that she cannot escape, and all the while, Jack the Ripper lurks around the corner.
This was an excellent read, with a strong, resilient heroine who struggles against adversity and hardship and grows into a determined, self-assured woman. I loved the inclusion of the Jack the Ripper storyline…you’ll never guess who he is! – Danielle (Store 2IC)

Blood Song by Anthony Ryan:

blood songHaving recently found Anthony Ryan after reading his latest book Waking Fire, I decided to read the rest of his work. He is now in the running to become one of my favourite authors (my favourite will always be David Eddings though).
After Vaelin is left by his father to become a Brother in the Sixth Order, he soon sees only his fellow brothers as family, casting away his family name. With war looming Vaelin and his new brothers-in-arms must learn to fight, and kill, to defend the faith.
The level of detail in this fast-paced read is reminiscent of Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and is truly a must read for any fantasy lover out there. -Peta

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy:

Meet Skulduggery Pleasant: a wise-cracking detective who just so happens to be a skeleton. Set out to protect the world from an ancient evil, there is nothing that can stop him – not even death itself. But every hero needs a bit of help sometimes, right?
In order to stop evil forces from acquiring the coveted Sceptre of the Ancients, Skulduggery has to team up with the seemingly ordinary twelve-year-old Stephanie Edgley. What could possibly go wrong?
Together, the pair are thrown into a whole world of danger, and they’re going to need all the help they can get in order to save us all from the unrelenting evil forces that wish to see the world in chaos.
With Derek Landy‘s recent announcement that the series is set to continue next year with book ten, now is the perfect time to strap yourselves in and prepare for monsters, magic, and mayhem!
If you love Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, then this series is sure to hit your funny bone! -Kristy

Exit Wounds by John Cantwell:

exitNothing can prepare you for this story. Retired Major General John Cantwell—a veteran of the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan—drags us into the chaos that is modern warfare: we watch as a car bomb detonates in a crowded marketplace, walk alongside him as he toes through a field strewn with land mines, forget to breathe as he calls his wife from a compound battered by rocket-propelled grenades. The story doesn’t end there. Cantwell returns from the front lines only to end up in a psychiatric hospital, no longer able to hide the fact that he had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for decades. Exit Wounds is a story of heroism, resilience, and the reality of war—the memories of which live on in our soldiers long after they come home. -Shastra

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King:

Back when vampires were a little more mouth to neck, and a little less mouth to mouth, Stephen King gave us this epic novel. Like the blurb says, Mr Ben Mears returns to his childhood residence which is soon invaded by vampires under the cowl of night. However a large part of the story is of the town itself. As you learn its habits and secrets you also learn none of them are safe from the coming horrors. -Jackson

Hush Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick:

hushThe story of an angel who falls in more ways than one. This series tells a fantastic tale and is by far my favourite ‘fallen angel’ fantasy. The series is well-written and hooks you from the beginning. A MUST read for lovers of Romance and Paranormal/Fantasy. -Sophia

The Children of Hurin by J R R Tolkien:

I love this book because it delves deep into the lore of Middle Earth and the history of the first era. This book is Tolkien’s darkest novel and by far his best! The characters in the novel are memorable and you will not forget them. The story itself is gripping all the way through until the last act. It is a must read for any fantasy lover! – Gareth

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