QBD Reviews: The Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens et al

death of supermanOnce proposed as a joke, this is the comic mini-series that redefined Superman and introduced his greatest nemesis, Doomsday. It is a massive story. It is absolutely epic. It is simply incredible. The story is simple. Doomsday, a monster of unknown origins, escapes what appears to be a containment cell. This monster, with only his left hand free, starts to cause havoc in America. This is brought to the Justice League of America’s attention, where some members go to fend Doomsday off, only to be defeated (Doomsday still only has his left hand free). Superman notices this with his super-senses and joins the frey. Through an epic battle, spanning America and levelling parts of Metropolis, this story climaxes and ends with the tear-jerking death of the Man of Steel.

Superman has always been an iconic character. From his creation to present day, the Man of Steel has captured hearts and imaginations world-wide. Which makes this comic a classic and timeless. This is the (albeit first) death of Superman, whom the world considered invincible. Here, humanity’s shining hope dies (for the first time). And here, despair is introduced in the form of Doomsday. The impact this story had on the DC universe was stunning and spanned many, many different problems and issues. This mini-series is a must for all comic lovers.

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