Reviewsday: Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

9781935429746_p0_v1_s260x420When Usagi Tsukino finds a stray cat on the street with a crescent shaped mark on its forehead, never could she have imagined that said cat could talk… and when Luna opens her mouth, what she has to say to the young girl is even more unbelievable. The 14 year old is destined to become Sailor Moon, unite the Sailor Scouts and protect the Moon Princess! The only problem is that she has to find her Scouts and the Princess first. With out-of-this-world villains popping up left, right and centre, her alter-ego soon begins to take a toll on her normal life. Pouting and whining the whole way, Sailor Moon and her mix of companions (along with occasional help from a handsome, masked stranger in a tuxedo) will take you on a fun, action filled, crazy ride of a story.

As a young girl I used to love watching Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts defend the universe but reading the first volume in the original manga recently was quite an interesting experience. Not only do the Sailor Scouts unique, quirky personalities shine through the pages, the beautiful art stylings really add an extra layer to the story. The sometimes overused “regular teenagers saving the world” – albeit in disguise – story line doesn’t come across as boring or old as has been known to happen. Instead, it provides a solid base for an adventure that is sure to keep you wanting more.

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