QBD Reviews: The Anti-Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland

9781460750643Rosie Waterland is one of my favourite bloggers, you guys. Her writing is always on-point – candid, funny, sassy, and whip-smart. In fact, if you’ve never heard of Rosie before, please do yourself a favour – pop on to www.mamamia.com.au and read her delightful recaps of each episode of The Bachelor. To give you an example of how good she is, I actually hate The Bachelor with a fiery passion. Legitimately with every fibre of my being. BUT there is absolutely no way I would miss one of Rosie’s recaps, she’s that good. I’m serious, go read her stuff right now. I’ll wait.


Oh hey, welcome back! I know, she’s hilarious, right? Anyway, Rosie has recently released an autobiography, called The Anti-Cool Girl. As it turns out, for a funny girl, Rosie Waterland had a decidedly unfunny childhood. Two addicts for parents meant that rehab stays, AA meetings, near-overdoses, actual overdoses, shifty drug dealers and even shiftier live-in boyfriends for her mother were the norm for little Rosie. Add to that an effortlessly cool older sister, plus a few embarrassing toilet mishaps, and well… Rosie wasn’t exactly the coolest kid on the block.

As an adult, Rosie still isn’t cool, but she’s much more okay with that these days. The Anti-Cool Girl recounts how awkward Tinder dates, suspect nude acting roles, battles with eating disorders and mental health issues have made Rosie into the rad human being she is today. She still doesn’t have it all together – she admits to both freaking out in social situations and having a penchant for drinking wine at home in her underpants – but she likes herself, which is a pretty good start. The Anti-Cool Girl is a clarion call for those of us who’ve never quite fit in; it’s a reminder that even though we might mess up sometimes, or say something weird on a date, or occasionally prefer the company of a bottle of red to actual humans – we’re all still pretty awesome.

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