Reviewsday: Civil War by Mark Millar

JacketWhat could possibly be bigger, more dramatic or more destructive than a fight between superheroes? Nothing.

That is what makes Civil War so good.

It also escalates pretty quickly.

When a tragic accident is blamed on a group of amateur superheroes, the public and the government call for a superhero registration act. With Iron Man and Captain America taking different sides of the clash, heroes are pitted against heroes as our favourite Marvel characters choose teams and prepare for battle.
The artwork is vibrant and detailed, the cast is familiar and the emotions are intense. Our heroes deal with morality and grief within an action packed story that features a cliff-hanger at the end of every issue.

While the ending may seem a bit abrupt, remember where it sits within a greater context. The Civil War event reshaped the Marvel universe after its release in 2006 and fans are still debating. While I expect the film (due out late April) will be quite a different story, this is a classic Marvel event that will reveal what our favourite heroes’ values really are.

Whose side will you choose?


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