Louise’s TOP 5: DC Comic Trades

There has been a lot of talk about the DC universe with all the new television shows and movies that have been released or are currently in the making. It is a great way to introduce new people to the franchise. Here are my top 5 DC Comic trade collections that I recommend to newcomers to the DC world;

Birds Of Prey 15: Birds of Prey, Volume One – Trouble In Mind By Duane Swierczynski & Jesus Saiz:
A group of kick-ass females, who are both a mix of heroes and villains, work together to get the criminals that other the good guys can’t seem to take down. This is an incredible introduction to an action packed series, where the reader learns more about each of the characters as well as the development of this unexpected team up. From the very first page, already a fight scene is presented between the main characters and the villains who come in the most untouchable form, INVISIBLE. It is an intriguing and captivating volume that will leave the reader wanting to know who is mastermind behind this crime that might just eliminate innocent citizens. With a line up that consists of Black Canary, Starling, Katana, Poison Ivy and Batgirl what more could a reader want in one story line.

Batman 34: Batman, Volume Three – Death Of The Family By Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo:
After a one year silent disappearance, The Joker is back with a new look and new plan. This time he isn’t only after his nemesis, Batman but something even more important to the Dark Knight; His entire Bat Family. With a deeper look into the working mind of the Joker as he revisits some of his previous crimes in the evilest way. Readers will also get a glimpse at Batman’s personal connection with each member of the family. There are also wonderful appearances from other beloved characters of Gotham. This is definitely a thrilling addition to the Batman franchise and a must read for all Dark Knight Fans, old and new.

Secret Origins 13: Secret Origins – Volume One By Various Authors & Artists:
Have you ever wondered how Superman ended up on earth? Or how Harley Quinn became so mad? This is the series to answer all these questions. With a compilation of over 10 origin stories of characters from all over the DC universe, Readers will get an in depth look at the history of a large selection of beloved characters and will learn about their previous lives (such as their family life) before becoming heroes and villains. Some of the stories include: Superman, Batman, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow and Starfire. Each story is accompanied by detailed illustrations from a range of well acclaimed artists which help create more captivating tales for the readers. This series will help comic followers understand how heroes became heroes and villains became villains. A must read for newcomers to DC comic books as it will give you a sample of different story lines and help you find the perfect place to start reading.

Batgirl 12: Batgirl, Volume One – The Darkest Reflection By Gail Simone & Ardian Syaf:
Barbara Gordon is more than just the daughter of the beloved Gotham police commissioner, she is Batgirl and she is back in action. Taking place three years after the event of “The Killing Joke” which left her paralysed, Gordon is back on her feet and ready to help defend Gotham from a new villain by the name of “Mirror”. In this volume readers will get a closer look at the woman behind the mask as she tackles issues as both Batgirl and Barbara. With the help of her mentors, Batman and Nightwing, will Batgirl be able to gain back the strength and confidence she had lost in order to protect Gotham? An incredible series with beautiful art that is all about starting over, overcoming obstacles and making a name for yourself. A must read for comic lovers and fans of independent female characters.

Suicide Squad 11: Suicide Squad, Volume 1 – Kicked In The Teeth By Adam Glass & Various Artists:
Who would be the best people to complete life threatening tasks to protect the world? Suicide Squad! A group of six deadly super-villains are put together by the director of their prison, Amanda Waller. Injected with tiny bombs in their necks to keep them from escaping, the team is sent out of dangerous missions that could either kill them or if they succeed; take time off their prison sentences. An action packed series from the very first page; readers get to see how these independent criminals work together as a team in pressured situations. Filled with glimpses into the lives of the people behind the killer as well as the values they possess. This is an interesting volume that is filled with action that will keep the reader intrigued until the very last page. A series that relies on Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Voltaic, Black Spider and King Shark to save the world, you can guarantee that things will get interesting. Be sure to read the comics before you see the film coming out this year.


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