QBD Reviews: The Institute by Stephen King

Welcome to the Hotel Maine, where you can check in anytime you like – but you can never leave. Luke Ellis is not like the other kids, he’s a child prodigy who can understand and retain information most adults don’t understand. He’s also telekinetic. It’s this latter talent that brings him into the crosshairs of the Institute, a secret facility deep in the woods of Maine that kidnaps psychic children from across the United States. The facility is led by the fierce Mrs Sigsby, a hard women with a hatred for children. Trapped in the Institute, Luke meets Kalisha, Nicky, George, and Iris, kids like him who have also been taken from their families. Together they begin to hatch an escape plan. And when Avery, a telepath whose abilities are off the charts, arrives, their plan is given hope.

Meanwhile, in DuPray South Carolina, former cop Tim Jamieson is just trying to move on with his life after an incident on the job went astray. Little does he know that this small country town is going to be the epicentre of all hell breaking loose. Great events turn on small wheels.

The Institute is King back to his supernatural roots. Riveting, chilling, and endearing, this is a tale of good versus evil that brings the psychic tension of Firestarter together with the kid power of It. Fans of King’s work young and old will love the Institute, as will anyone looking for a fresh new read. King has been dominating film and television as of late, but the Institute proves that his writing form is still as strong as ever.
4 ½ Stars.

Review by Sean, QBD Eastland

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