QBD Reviews: The Beautiful Series by Christina Lauren

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit? Especially one who takes control and goes after what he wants.

The Beautiful series by powerhouse romance duo Christina Lauren (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) have delivered a series that will make you swoon in every instalment. An office romance is something I’m sure you’ve thought about at one point or another, or maybe you know someone who had a sneaky little fling with their super sexy boss? Christina Lauren sure knows about that!

9781476730097Beautiful Bastard  follows Bennett Ryan, the beautiful bastard himself and his stunning, stubborn brainiac business student secretary Chloe Mills. Bennett is heir to the Ryan Media Group empire and recently returned from college and high-powered positions working at L’Oreal Paris, and he gets saddled with his father’s pet student, Mills. She turns out to be gorgeous but no one could possibly live up to his standards…could they? Chloe challenges Bennett at every turn and he loves her for it, its the thrill of the fight that gets these two going, and oh boy, once they start, well, let’s just say it could not possibly get any sexier…

9781476754147Beautiful Bitch Chloe Mills is finally getting everything she worked for, she got her Beautiful Bastard, she got her degree and she got the dream job. Is Bennett right to want her to slow down? or is he selfish for wanting her all to himself?
Bennett struggles with his new love, deciding his future. Will Chloe’s independence shake Bennett’s foundations and end it all, or will he love her for who she is and risk everything in trying to prove that love? Its incredibly sexy to see your man vulnerable when he is normally steely and collected and Bennett gets his feelings out for the world of ladies to savour!

9781476731537Beautiful Stranger is the story of the two best friends of Bennett and Chloe, who meet by chance, but through sheer proximity to the power couple are bound to end up together. But the individual past romantic histories of Sara and Max catch up with them, causing all kinds of love-related havoc. Could these two ever possibly free their hardened hearts after a lifetime of cheating partners, womanising, broken hearts and media debacles? Perhaps the smooth talking Brit can change his wild ways and coax the Petal out of her delicate shyness. One girls night out later and the Beautiful Stranger may have done just that…

9781476755090Beautiful Bombshell How would you feel if your fiancée crashed your Vegas bachelor party? Bennett is about to find out, but not through any conventional methods.
As usual Max knows a guy in Vegas and has organised a little quiet time for himself and the Petal, but little does Bennett know, the private dancer in his lap his someone he’s been craving and who knows damn well he’s been craving her. She also knows just how to push his buttons and leave him bent to her every whim.
With stolen limousines, stolen kisses, a sneaky rendezvous in an empty theatre and all manner of sexy mischief, all of your favourites are in for one hell of a weekend in Vegas!

9781476751405Beautiful Player Will is the sexy equivalent of a science dork in the Bennett-Max-and-Will show. He’s known for being an organised ladies man, with a different ongoing appointment for every night of the week. But will the Scandinavian sexpot Hana Bergstrom tame this lothario with her innocence while he tries to help her out of her shell at the request of his lifelong friend and her big brother?
She has loved him for a lifetime, with many of her pubescent milestones spent thinking of Will, but he can’t remember her name when the meet again for the first time in years, could this possibly work out when Hana knows that he has a certain reputation and she’s really just in it for the science of it all? A chance cancellation of appointments could finally mean that Hana may just stay out of her shell for good.

9781476755106Beautiful Beginning The wedding of the century is about to happen. The families have gathered. The plans are made. Will the craziness of a wedding in San Diego get to Chloe and Bennett, or can their love and passion endure? Bennett has a plan regardless, but his wife to be isn’t going to take kindly to it and she’ll pull out every trick in her book to bring her man to his knees. This is definitely going to be a wedding to remember especially when you throw in a scatterbrained dad, a stresshead mum, a Mr God’s Gift cousin and two crazy man-hungry divorcee aunts!

9781476791654Beautiful Beloved A bomb has dropped for Max and Sara. A baby bomb! Their lives are about to get turned upside down by Hurricane Annabelle and the Brit and his Petal couldn’t be happier, but can a wild love life like that of Max and Sara continue on after childbirth and a whirlwind wedding ceremony? Max and Sara are out to prove it can, and one way or another they will get what they want, but Max is afraid of how delicate his Petal has become and holds his love back until he knows she’s ready. This story is real and ultra sexy, even with baby vomit, torn dresses and spilled pasta thrown in!

9781476778006Beautiful Secret Niall is Max Stella’s baby brother – is it possible that this much sexy can exist in one gene pool? Damn right it is! Only this time, we’ve got a damaged man in need of a gentle woman to breeze into his life. Enter Ruby Miller, the up-and-coming California girl turned London engineer.
Ruby is enamoured by her firm’s top urban planning exec, Mr Niall Stella, Sexiest Man Alive, but he’s recently divorced, recently relocated and all kinds of an emotional wreck. Ruby think he doesn’t know she exists but a flirty night time flight changes all of that. His bruised heart is awakened by Ruby and their surprising romance is witnessed by all the old Beautiful crew as well as some of the new Wild Seasons bunch. This is an international romp that will keep your emotions high and your hopes alive until the very end!

All of the Beautiful series is available in store and online through QBD the Bookshop, with Beautiful Beloved existing exclusively as an ebook. If you need a series you can dive into headlong into and exist happily without oxygen for four full length novels and four novellas, pick up your copy of Beautiful Bastard and jump right into the world of the best characters you’ll ever read!

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