Fall asleep with Roger. Literally.


Poor Roger the Rabbit cannot fall asleep. All of his brothers and sisters fall asleep easily, but Roger never does. In an effort to help Roger fall asleep his mother suggests that they go on a journey to visit Uncle Yawn, a kindly wizard, who will certainly help him fall asleep.
Come along with Roger on his journey to Uncle Yawn’s, meeting some new friends along the way.

Developed by Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, a Swedish psychologist, The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is being heralded as a breakthrough by parents all over the world. Employing behavioural strategies and carefully researched techniques – frequent (intentional) yawning, emphasised phrases, ‘insert name’ here spaces, and reading pace suggestions-the book is said to put children to sleep in minutes.

Given all the hype, and being a bit of an insomniac, I decided to try out The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep myself, by getting my husband to read it to me. If you have never heard someone snore with their eyes open, let me tell you, it’s a little bit creepy. Needless to say, I didn’t fall asleep, but my husband did!

After the reading I did feel more calm and relaxed and I think, had it continued, I would have fallen to sleep, or at least had a better chance of getting there. If you have children who are difficult to put to sleep, then this book is certainly worth a try!

The Penguin Random House edition of the title is released on the 2/10/2015 with a fresh cover design, newly updated from that of the self-published edition.
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