QBD Reviews: Feed by Mira Grant

97803565005602014: the scientific community had done the impossible, curing the common cold and cancer in one fell swoop. As humanity celebrated, danger lurked around the corner. No one could have predicted that the two cures would mutate and almost overnight, a new disease gripped the world, one there was no escaping.

Born during the height of the chaos, Shaun and Georgia Mason have spent their entire lives adapting to the changes in the world. Post zombie apocalypse American is a relatively safe place, as long as you take precautions and do your best to avoid angry hordes. Both highly regarded bloggers, a reputable source of news in a country that was misled and lied to by the media during the initial outbreak, Shaun and Georgia are willing to stick their neck out for the real, nitty gritty stories… even if that means putting themselves in less than ideal situations. Their desire to scope out the truth and report the real goings on in the world often leaves them in peril but when they are approached by a presidential candidate with the offer of an all access spot on his press team, they jump at the opportunity. It soon becomes apparent that politics in their ravaged country aren’t what they used to be and with ravenous hordes lurking around every corner, security is a high priority. What they fail to realise until it’s too late is the real danger is in the truth that Shaun and Georgia don’t even know they’ve uncovered: the truth that someone will stop at nothing to hide.

A mind-blowing blend of action, adventure, chaos, secrecy, subterfuge and politics, Feed is the sort of book that stays with you long after you’ve read it. Shaun and Georgia are the ultimate dynamic duo and it’s their tenacity, wit and determination that really drives the story. The only downside to this book – and the two that follow – is that it will consume you until you’ve satisfied your craving and read every last page!

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