QBD Reviews: Bream Gives Me Hiccups by Jesse Eisenberg

9781611855609Every so often a person comes along who has an immense talent that seems to surprise the vast majority of the world. It becomes even more surprising when that person already exists in the public eye. Jesse Eisenberg is an actor, and by all public accounts he could not possibly have any other talents. But this theory has been proven wrong on many occasions before. Take James Franco and Russell Brand as your examples, both are reasonably quirky individuals with incredible writing talent that has been overshadowed by their on camera work. Now, we can add Jesse Eisenberg to that pool.

Bream Gives Me Hiccups is not his first literary feat, but for me it is his most polished. A stunning collection of short stories, he chronicles the everyday life of the everyman.

His writing is in turn funny, dark, daring and charismatic. Almost a companion piece to Franco’s Palo Alto. It is intelligent writing at its best and a book to pick up if you like your writing literary, clever and real.

A thorough delight to read, for readers in their late teens upward, you’ll be wanting to read more of his work by the time you’re done.

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