Homemade Bookie Jars

Everyone loves a homemade gift… and with Easter and Mother’s Day coming up in the next month, now’s the perfect time to get crafting!


 What You Will Need:
* A glass jar
* A book
* Scissors
* A paintbrush
* Glue (there is special decoupage glue you can buy, or alternatively you can do it my special cheapskate way and create a mixture of approx two-thirds craft glue to one-third water. Just make sure it’s a clear-drying craft glue!)

Step 1: Cut up your book.
To many this will be the hardest step. I was lucky that my partner and I had doubled up on a few books when we moved in together, so I used our extra copy of Game of Thrones. You will need probably 2-4 pages, depending on the size of the book and the size of the jar.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESStep 2: Glue your pages.
Be liberal with your glue. The paper will put up a bit of a fight (mine did, at least), and the pages only really stayed stuck when they were dripping with glue. Use little dabbing strokes around the edges of the paper, too. This will help keep the edges stuck down

Step 3: Leave to dry.
Go and read something else for an hour or so!

Step 4: Ta-Da!
Feel free to jazz them up a little with ribbon or string, or (if you’re bold enough) some colour paint. They can be used as candle holders, pencil jars, money boxes, or anything else your heart desires. You can also do this with old maps (I nicked some good Westeros maps from my book), recipes, newspaper clippings, whatever! Get creative!


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