Franc.World – November BOTM Review

If you like apocalyptic movies like I am Legend, Mad Max or The Book of Eli, you are going to love this book.

Three years after dragons decimated the world, Noah, his hardcore survivalist father, and a ragtag group of survivors are scavenging and scraping together a new life in New York City.

Adults spend their time establishing a make-shift society, kids forage for materials, books and whatever else they can find in abandoned homes. But a chance encounter between Noah and a young dragon forces him to question everything he thought he knew.

With rumours spreading that there’s a group of survivors living in harmony with dragons instead of hiding underground, Noah teams up with his fire-breathing ally to find out if peace between humans and dragons is really possible.

Really engaging with a great plot and colourful characters, New Dragon City is a delight to read. Not only does it present some pretty cool ‘what ifs’ like ‘what if dragons overtook your city?’ it also delves into relationships with friends and what it means to be family.

Author Mari Mancusi is a former Emmy award winning TV producer and author of more than two dozen sci-fi/fantasy books for kids, teens and adults. Her bestselling series have been chosen as featured selections in the Scholastic Book Fairs and clubs and have been selected by the American Library Association as “Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers” and “Popular Paperbacks.”

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