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9780062442420Holly Madison really loved Hef, more than any of his other girlfriends did… or so we were lead to believe!

In this tell-all memoir, Holly takes us inside the playboy mansion, inside Hef’s bedroom, and inside an emotionally abusive relationship which was so very different from the relationship portrayed in the media and on the “reality” show Girls Next Door.

At twenty-two, Holly was about to find herself without a place to live and, already having a foot in the door of the Playboy Mansion, asked Hef if she could move in. One big night out with the girlfriends and Hef, one bizarre and underwhelming bedtime routine later, and Holly was told “You can stay for a while and we’ll see how it works out.”

Thus began a seven-year relationship in which Holly, along with the other girlfriends, would be told she was replaceable and made to feel unattractive. An abusive relationship like any other, in which she convinced herself that she loved him, ignored the manipulative things he did, and was too afraid to leave because she was sure no one else would want her.

Down the Rabbit Hole is a look inside the morbidly fascinating world of the Playboy Mansion, but beyond that it’s a story about a woman getting herself out of a bad situation, building a life for herself, and being more than a man’s property.

No wonder Hef’s not happy.

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