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m reillyGuys, can we talk about Matthew Reilly?

I know you’ve heard of him – Australian guy, writes crazy/brilliant/thrilling action-adventures, owns a Delorean (!). Chances are, you’ve even picked up a copy of blockbusters Ice Station or Seven Ancient Wonders and been sucked in by their fast-paced, heart-pounding action. There’s no denying that Matthew Reilly is one of Australia’s best-loved and well known authors, and in this blog I’m taking you back to where it all began – with a little novel called Contest.

Picture this: every millenia, a champion is chosen from each planet in the universe to compete in the ultimate Contest – a fight to the death between all the contestants taking place in a huge labyrinth, the last man (or woman, or non-gender specific alien) standing is crowned champion. BUT, not only does each contestant have to out-wit and out-survive the others, they also must get past –contest the Karanadon – a terrifying beast that lurks in the labyrinth. Sounds simple enough, yeah? This time the Contest is to be held on Earth, in the formiddable New York State Library, and unwitting Doctor Stephen Swain and his daughter have just been thrown into what is quite literally the fight of their lives.

His first novel, written when he was just 19, Contest still stands as one of Reilly’s best – creative, thrilling, page-turning, and original (and in case you couldn’t tell, one of this bloggers favourite books). If you’re not a scifi nut, don’t let the alien factor put you off – the scifi element only enhances the action, and is not so complicated that it gets in the way of the story flow. It’s fast-paced, funny, and generally just a cracking read! If you’ve never read Reilly, pick up Contest and you’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long. If you’ve read Reilly and you haven’t read Contest – I actually can’t believe you, what are you doing?!

-Sarah xxx

P.S. Keep an eye out for Matthew Reilly’s new book The Great Zoo of China, coming to a QBD near you in November 2014!

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