Book-A-Like: Throne of Glass

Katniss Everdeen. The epitome of a strong female protagonist. Smart, resourceful, seemingly fearless. Whipping the Districts into revolution against the Capital.

Don’t you just wish there were more characters like her?

Enter Celaena Sardothian.

Young. Beautiful. Deadly.

Processed with MoldivA renowned killer, betrayed by someone in the shadows of her life, she was caught and sentenced to life in the Salt Mines of Endovier. The most brutal prison in Erilea. Everyone is a slave and everyone suffers.

Enter the handsome prince with an offer she cannot refuse (literally).

In order to  win her freedom Celaena must compete against the most gifted assassins, thieves and all-around brutes the land has to offer in a tournament to become the ‘King’s Champion’. Deciding that a death of her own choosing is better than slaving away until she drops, Celaena is “whisked off” to the capital.

Once in the palace, Celaena is drawn into the intrigues of court life. Closely guarded, she trains constantly but her haunted innocence seems to inadvertently draw people close to her. Surrounded by scheming courtiers, murderers and unseen magic forces, Celaena must draw on all her will-power to succeed. She cannot afford to fail. She cannot go back to Endovier.

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