Book-A-Like: The Girl on the Train

Have you read a book recently that you loved so much that nothing else compares?

Well, we have the solution…(drum roll please)

Introducing Book-A-Likes!

Every Wednesday we will be reviewing a book that has similar themes to another, making that transition to a new book just that little bit smoother.

The Girl on the Train is a gripping psychological debut from author Paula Hawkins. If you loved the twists and turns thrown at you by Gone Girl, you will devour  this book!

Gone Girl Book-A-LikeRachel commutes to work every day on the same train, stopping at the same places, seeing the same faces. She has become enamoured with the lives of two people she watches through the window on her way to work- ‘the golden couple’- whom she calls Jess and Jason.

Imagining what life would be like in what appears to be such a perfect relationship takes Rachel’s mind off of her own problems. Recently divorced, she has been drowning her sorrows in alcohol, to the point where it has cost her her job.

Then she sees something that changes everything.

Her illusion shattered, she insinuates herself into the lives of her ‘perfect’ couple after Megan, aka ‘Jess’, goes missing- and cannot rest until the mystery is solved.

Told from the point of view of three female narrators: Rachel, Megan and Anna, The Girl on the Train is all about the secrets people keep and what really happens behind closed doors. Between the alcoholic, the liar and the adulteress, you never know who to believe, and you will be guessing right up until the very end.

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