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Treasure in the Lake – Franc.World Review

Treasure In The Lake by Jason Pamment

This book is fun! Not only is it a based on a grand adventure full of secrets and action, but it’s created in the form of a graphic novel, where the beautiful pictures tell much of the story.

When Iris and her best friend Sam stumble upon an unusually dry riverbed on the outskirts of town, they make a discovery that will lead them to a hidden city, mystery, floods and more adventure than Iris could even begin to read about.

With a story of big hearted friendship woven through the action-packed pictures, it is a fun easy read from this fast-emerging Australian author-illustrator. 

To purchase “Treasure in the Lake” by Jason Pamment, you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store! 

For more amazing Franc.World content, you can visit their website here:

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