The Shannara Chronicles comes to TV!

An ancient evil threatens the Elves and the Races of Man.

The Ellcrys, a tree that is home to powerful Elven magic, is dying. With every leaf that falls from it’s branches, a demon is released. Only by quickening a new seed in the fountain of the Bloodfire can the Ellcrys be reborn and the magic that keeps hordes of demons locked away be renewed.  However no-one knows where the fountain lies, and a search in the ancient Elven library reveals only one reference.  It states that it lies in a place named “Safehold”.

Princess Amberle Elessedil, the first female caretaker of the tree, has been chosen to undertake the quest to renew Ellcrys. Together with a half-elf and a human Rover, she must find Safehold and save the world.

For already the fearsome Reaper has been set free, with others to soon follow…

Terry Brooks’ masterpiece is coming to Australian screens on January 16th, 2016 on Foxtel’s SyFy Channel. Following the storyline in the second book in the Shannara series, The Elftones of Shannara, and starring Daniel MacPherson, Lord of the Rings favourites John Rhys-Davies and Manu Bennett; and up-and-comers Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton and Ivana Baquero, it’s sure to be an epic to rival Lord of The Rings. Plus it’s filmed in New Zealand so we can expect spectacular scenery!

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