The Notorious Pagan Jones by Nina Berry

9780373211432Pagan Jones knows how easy it is to lose everything. Nine months ago, she was a movie star, surrounded by her supportive family and head over heels in love with a man who possessed a voice like an angel. Now she’s trapped in a reform school, crushed by the guilt of having caused her father and sister’s death and plotting escape in her free time. Out of the blue her agency contacts her with an offer she can’t refuse: a movie role, in Berlin, with a court-appointed guardian being the only condition.

In the middle of the Cold War, Berlin isn’t exactly the safest place to be and Pagan’s court-appointed guardian, the arrogant, young and gorgeous Devin Black, seems to have a hidden agenda. Between escorting her to script readings and social outings with her fellow co-stars, Pagan notices him slipping away, acting suspicious and taking secretive phone calls. It’s only when Pagan starts to dig into her own family history that she is able to start piecing together the mysterious puzzle that had her sent to Berlin in the first place. Political tensions are rising, Devin has more to hide than she ever imagined and even her co-star is starting to act sketchy. When a simple garden goes horribly wrong, Pagan begins to see that something bigger than her little world is at stake and the consequences of remaining idle are more than she can handle. Pagan Jones must adapt to survive.

This book is a maze of surprises and navigating it opens up more doors than one could imagine. The plot line unfolds in the most interesting of ways and I honestly had no idea what to expect when I first started reading but I was blown away. Unique and refreshing, The Notorious Pagan Jones is not a novel to be missed.

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