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The Inheritance – Gabriel Bergmoser

Award-winning author Gabriel Bergmoser is back with another unmissable thriller, The Inheritance! Released on the 28th of July, this powerhouse, fast-paced, high adrenaline novel DEMANDS to be read!

In this story, a young woman is hiding out in North Queensland, trying to stay under the radar, when she stumbles across a dangerous drug cartel. Anyone else might pretend they hadn’t seen anything – but Maggie is no ordinary girl. She’s got skills, secrets to keep, burdens to carry – and anger to burn. When she has to get out of town – fast – she heads towards Melbourne, where she might just find the answers she needs about her family and who she really is.

Gabriel Bergmoser tells us the premise of his new book and how it relates to his previous bestseller, The Hunted.

In the first chapter of The Hunted, a battered car careened to a halt out the front of a middle-of-nowhere service station. An injured young woman, covered in mud and blood, stepped out, and so began a violent overnight siege as the ragtag group of unlucky people in the roadhouse were forced to hold their own against the vicious hunters pursuing the woman who had escaped them.

That woman – Maggie – was one of the few survivors of that terrible night. Because surviving is what Maggie does. She was already on the run from a dark past when she fell afoul of the hunters, and not much has changed since, as she’s traversed the country, constantly waiting for her demons to find her. She’s had more than her fair share of scraps since, stepping into bar fights and grubby little disputes, getting involved despite knowing that she shouldn’t, and always leaving the bad guys a little worse for wear.

The ones who survive, that is.

All the while, she’s been looking for a chance to continue the search that sent her on the road in the first place – her ongoing hunt for her mother, who, when Maggie was barely young enough to remember her, vanished into the night, leaving Maggie to the mercy of her violent, hateful father.

But how do you find someone when you don’t know where to look? The last pointer Maggie got said ‘north’, which could mean just about anywhere but has led her to the relative peace of Port Douglas. And it’s there that she’s spent the last few months, recuperating from her injuries, keeping her head down, working in a bar and staying out of trouble. Or at least, trying to.

So far, her relative peace has held. After all, nobody thinks twice about a young girl pouring drinks and polishing glasses. But Maggie is keenly aware that danger is never far away, that all it takes is the wrong person walking through the door for all hell to break loose.

Which is exactly what’s about to happen.

What Maggie doesn’t know is that there is another threat brewing, back in her home city of Melbourne. See, Maggie’s father had secrets. Terrible secrets that some people will do anything to keep hidden. And as whispers become something more and forces move to make sure the past stays buried forever, Maggie is about to find herself on a collision course with all the things she’s been running from.

The Hunted
 was the story of a fugitive’s desperate fight for survival against impossible odds. The Inheritance is the story of that fugitive finally coming home.



To purchase “The Inheritance” by Gabriel Bergmoser, you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store! 

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