The Feels Presents: ‘I Was Here’

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9781471124396Cody and Meg are inseparable. They have their whole lives planned out together, filled with adventure in Seattle when they go away to college, first loves experienced side-by-side, and a long life filled with friendship. All would have gone exactly to plan, if Meg was still here. But after her shocking suicide, Cody is left without her best friend, or any idea how to continue life without her…

From the bestselling author of “If I Stay” comes an emotionally raw novel about the controversial subject of teen suicide. The book however, does not simply explore the feelings of those who plan to commit suicide, but more so of those who are left behind when the decision has already been made…

I Was Here focuses on the devastating aftermath of death, forcing the reader to face emotional heartbreak in both the main character’s life and those around her. It would be easy to only read this book from Cody’s perspective, however Foreman has done an excellent job in exploring less pivotal character’s dealings with Meg’s death. Her parents, her college friends, room-mates, ex-boyfriends, even the local diner worker’s are allowed to grieve through the expertly crafted narrative, showing just how far the wave of pain can travel.

Foreman’s narrative is easy to follow, and maintains a steady build until the final page, leaving the reader’s feeling as though they have healed right along side Cody, in the face of devastating loss. An emotional read for sure – have your tissues ready!

– Amelia

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