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The Bricktionary by Ryan McNaught

If you’ve been searching for an “A-Z Guide” of all things Lego, Ryan McNaught has you covered with “The Brick-tionary!” This incredible book is a comprehensive guide of creative builds and insider tips, each carefully selected by the Brickman himself. Whether you’re an AFoL (adult fan of LEGO) or a KFoL (kid fan of LEGO), starting small or aiming high, this title will fast become the indispensable companion to your collection.

Creating a guide of this fantastic standard does not come without a great deal of hard work. Recently, Ryan told KRASH Magazine that “making a book like this is really about coming up with lots of cool ideas for models… It took about four months to write from start to finish, and the whole team down here at Brickman was involved.”

When writing the guide and creating each model, Ryan was also faced with numerous challenges to overcome – but this is nothing new for him! Talking to KZONE magazine, he says “most of the things that I work on have challenges. There’s always something that’s super difficult. The [model] that’s been the hardest and we’ve had to do twice, is a life-size car. Something as big and difficult as that offers a lot of problems…”

However, a car is just ONE of the many large-scale LEGO models that Ryan has helped to create. We bet you’re wondering – what IS the craziest thing that he’s ever built? Talking to KZONE, Ryan revealed “I did a six-metre-high Darth Vader, absolutely massive! I thought I’d make a little brain for the inside, and used little pink LEGO bricks for Darth Vader’s brain.”

For EXPERT tips in building perfect LEGO creations – “The Bricktionary” needs to be added to your book-shopping list as soon as possible! What are you going to build next?


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