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The 10:10 Diet – Sarah Di Lorenzo

Sarah Di Lorenzo is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist devoted to overhauling the health of her clients. If you’re thinking “hey, she looks a little bit familiar” – you’re right, perhaps you’ve seen Sarah on TV? Sarah’s advice reaches far and wide through her work as a media nutritionist, public speaker, recipe and programme creator and clinic owner. Her new title “The 10:10 Diet” hit the shelves last month!

In her new book – “The 10:10 Diet”, Sarah has created a manageable, achievable 10-week program to help readers lose 10 kilos. The 10:10 Diet outlines the factors that contribute to weight gain and how to eliminate or respond more effectively to them.

In an Author Q&A, Sarah talks more about her book and the weight loss process:

Hi Sarah, thank you for your time! Tell us, what is the 10:10 diet, and why did you design your program based on a 10-week time period?

The 10:10 diet teaches you how to lose an average of 10 kilograms in 10 weeks, the healthy way. Based on years of research and my two decades of experience in the health and wellness industry, the program is designed to teach you a new style of delicious, nutrient-dense healthy eating that will be part of the foundation of keeping weight off for life.

Throughout the 10 weeks you will learn about healthy eating and intermittent fasting my way, plus there’s a mini detox in the middle of the plan focused on self-care and finding time for you.

The 10:10 Diet is loaded with information that covers all elements of weight loss. In the book you will learn comprehensively about the human body and how it responds to weight loss, and about the roles of sleep, stress and exercise.

Plus, I share all my secrets, tips and tricks on beating roadblocks to fat loss to help you on your journey to being your best self.

I designed this program to be 10 weeks in duration as research shows that if you do something for 66 days (roughly 10 weeks) then the chances are very high that this routine will become your new normal.


What do you hope people get out of your book and the 10:10 diet plan?

That people will get to their goal weight and learn a new way of eating that is healthy and nutrient dense, and learn to live a life that is healthy in body and mind.

I love the non-scale victories that people will achieve with my program, such as lowering their risk of disease, losing inches, developing a good relationship with food, improving energy and sleep, and feeling fantastic.

My ultimate goal is for readers to get on with enjoying life, off the diet merry-go-round, maintaining their goal weight and living their best life.


What are some of the most common roadblocks people run into when trying to lose weight, and what are some ways those obstacles can be overcome?

Some of the most common roadblocks and solutions are:

– Boredom eating: Start by recognising that you are bored and consciously create an activity to keep you busy. Start tracking how many times you wander into the kitchen and open the fridge door and call yourself out. Go for a walk, read, clean or do something creative.

– Lack of motivation: This often happens a few weeks into a program. Write down your goals somewhere and remember why you started this journey in the first place. Read them every day to motivate yourself. Set new goals as well.

– Menopause and menstrual cycles: The menstrual cycle leads to fluid gain for many as well as an increase in appetite. Start tracking your monthly weight for a while so you can understand body fluid, because it is not fat gain. Menopause symptoms include sleep deprivation and can lead to fatigue that can then lead to fatigue eating and poor compliance. Focus on really improving sleep and make sure you are exercising at least 4 to 5 times per week.

– Afternoon slump: That cortisol dip in the afternoon can have you craving something sweet. Consider having your lunch in the early afternoon to keep you full around this time and have some healthy snacks handy.

– Weighing yourself too much: This can be detrimental, as you may relax and reward yourself when you have had success, or you can get frustrated if you are in a plateau. Only weigh yourself a few times per week.

– Meal preparation: Lack of meal prep can mean failure for many and a bad choice that can potentially derail some. Always have enough groceries for at least three days.

– Procrastination: The right time to start is NOW…


What habits and skills do you teach readers in The 10:10 Diet to improve long-term health?

I teach people lots of skills and healthy habits and share all my golden rules in The 10:10 Diet.

Habits readers learn about include portion control, food preparation, whole food dietary principles and understanding liquid calories. Learning about the importance of exercise, sleep, managing stress and healthy snacking is very important. Plus, there’s lots of tips and solutions about how to navigate the demands of life and still stick to your health goal.


Exclusively for our QBD blog readers, we are going to be sharing the recipe for “Chia Pudding” from this incredible title – enjoy!  


1 scoop protein powder (I recommend whey protein – vanilla flavour is a good option)

2 cups milk (I recommend almond milk)

6 tablespoons chia seeds

½ cup fruit, preferably berries

Optional: 1 teaspoon maple syrup or honey, to sweeten

Method (SERVES 2)

Mix protein powder, milk and chia together thoroughly, cover and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, serve with whatever fruit you like, with some maple syrup or honey to sweeten.


To purchase “The 10:10 Diet” by Sarah Di Lorenzo, you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store!

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