Team Fountain Gate’s Hot Reads

Our Fountain Gate team know a great read when they see one! Check out their must-reads!

Nomad by James Swallow:

Nomad is an adrenalin rush. A fast paced and intelligent modern day thriller set amidst a world of terrorists, spies and treachery. Marc Dane was only ever meant to be tech support – aka ‘the guy in the van’. When his team including the woman he loved were betrayed, he breached protocol and as a result was a sole survivor of a deadly attack. Now he’s on the run from not only his original enemies but also those who trained him within MI6. Can he stay alive long enough to discover the truth, prove his innocence and seek revenge when everyone wants him dead? An intense ride from the first to the very last page, this thriller will leave you breathless. – Nola

The Dry by Jane Harper:

Aaron Falk works for the Federal Police and returns back to his home hometown to attend the funeral of his childhood best friend, Luke, a farmer who has died in a murder/suicide. Aaron hasn’t been back for almost 20 years, and he is far from welcome in his old town, but Luke’s parents beg him to stick around and look more deeply into what really happened to their son and his family. This book has everything. A cop with a shadowy past. A small town full of secret and lies. This book will keep you guessing right to the end. – Joanne

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley:

Cath Crowley’s ‘Graffiti Moon’ follows Lucy, an aspiring artist and recent high school graduate in Melbourne as she embarks on a 24 hour long adventure to discover the true identity of a local graffiti artist, Shadow who has captured her attention. The novel is a fantastic portrayal of Melbourne suburbia as the character’s lives and art has become deeply entwined with and influenced by their surroundings. Crowley offers a text brimming with artistic and poetic self expression as the teens seek to find stability in the uncertain liminal space between high school and the ‘real world’, whilst also keeping readers engaged with both romance and high stakes action as the night takes a dangerous turn. A must read for all those who wish to explore Melbourne through literature, as well as anyone in need of quick and captivating read. – Rebecca

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica:

When Mia meets Colin in a bar after her on again, off again boyfriend doesn’t arrive, she never expected what she was in for. She leaves with Colin for a good time not knowing he has been watching her for a few days from afar and has been paid to abduct and deliver her to his employers. Colin has something of a conscience and decides to stow Mia in a cabin in the woods instead of handing her over. This book sees a few twists with the unexpected conclusion as to Mia’s release. For anyone who’s read Mary Kubica’s “Pretty Baby”, this should be the next book on your list. – Tineka

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons:

This is the most beautiful, heart wrenching love story you will ever come across. The story between a young 17 year old Tatiana who
lives in Lenningrad with her family and a Red Army Officer Alexander. They meet at the start of WW2, you will follow the journey of
sacrifice, survival and falling in love. This book will have you from the start to end, one of the most popular books among readers.
Once you read this book you will never forget it… – Daniela

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon:

This is the start of a amazing series. Outlander revolves around Claire, a WW2 nurse on her honeymoon with her husband in Scotland,
when while exploring she travels in time from her present day to 1770’s. She is unaware of what has happened, and refuses to believe
she has travelled through time. While on her adventure she meets the Jacobite army and experiences the Wild Scottish countryside.
Wonderful first book, with amazing characters, amazing story with a touch of history thrown in, once you read this, you will be hooked.. – Louise

Burial Rites by Hannah Kent:

Inspired by a true story, Burial Rites recounts the final days of a woman accused of murder in Iceland in 1829. As readers we along with Agnes are forced to face her mortality with a painful and striking inevitability. Agnes’ story is heartbreaking, evocative and not easily forgotten. – Antonia

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