Spotlight on QBD Townsville 2016

This weekend it’s Townsville’s time to shine under our QBD Spotlight!


You by Caroline Kepnes:

9781471137372Joe falls for Guinevere Beck (Beck) as soon as she walks into his bookstore. He is so taken with her, he will use whatever he can to know everything about her, from facebook to twitter and to hacking into her phone and emails. He wants her so much that he would even kill for her.
Beck feels that she has met a man that is tailor made just for her. When events happen in her life that turn her world upside down, there’s one person that she turns to.
You is a twisted story written as the thoughts of stalker. It is written in such a way, that at times you are convinced that Joe and Beck’s relationship is completely normal, but there’s more to the pair of them than meets the eye. – Jacqui (Store Manager)

The Fireman by Joe Hill:

An incendiary post apocalyptic novel by Stephen King’s son – Joe Hill.
Dragonscale… It appears as black and gold tattoo like markings on the infected. If you have it, you’re going to burn!
In a world that is spontaneously combusting, a group of infected come together and try to survive.
With intrigue, politics and occasional humour, Joe Hill creates a plot with twists, turns and a variety of characters that will endear and enrage. – Penny (Assistant Manager)

Children of Men by P D James:

In 1995, mankind collectively became infertile. The year is now 2021, and Theo has resigned himself to live out the last of his days alone, until he is approached by a small group of rebels, who wish to change Britain’s current political climate.
What he doesn’t realise is they may also hold the key to save humanity. Gripping and utterly believable, this one is not to be missed by any fans of classic dystopian fiction. – Sara

E-Cubed by Pam Grout:

9781401945435Pam Grout’s E-Cubed is the much awaited follow on from her best selling book E-Squared. Pam takes us deeper into the field of infinite potential, combining key ideas from quantum physics and the Law of Attraction. Fun, witty and wonderous, E-Cubed is a spiritual adventure, and a must for anyone ready to accept magic and miracles into their life. – Melissa

Happiest Refugee by Ahn Do:

This is such an inspiring book, filled with stories that will make you want to laugh, cry and smile. Ahn Do takes you on a journey from war torn Vietnam as a child, through the hardships of growing up in Australia, to his major decision to become a comedian, (a good one at that!). Anyone who reads Ahn’s story will be moved, amused and inspired. – Beccky

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover:

Colleen Hoover has done an exceptional job once again, delivering such an emotionally charged masterpiece that captures your heart from the get go. Maybe Someday as utterly unique and refreshingly original. Everything from how the characters met, to the twists and reveals were all very surprising. This beautifully gripping story took you right into the lives of the characters. I was fully immersed and connected with the story, until the very last word. One of the main characters, Sydney, is intensively captivated by her handsome neighbour, Ridge, a guitarist who she cannot keep her eyes off. Not only did she fall in love with him, but she also fell in love with the vibrant harmony which executed from his guitar. When their encounter finally happens, they find themselves needing each other in more ways than one. – Kirsty

Under the Dome by Stephen King:

A small New England town is suddenly, inexplicably cut off from the rest of the world, trapping a large cast of characters inside, or outside, a hugh clear dome. As the emergency escalates, various heroes and villains emerge to play a part in the drama. It is not surprising that the crime most consistently highlighted in “Under the Dome”, is that of complicity. Generally, when you’re in the midst of a classic novel, it’s OK to sink in and enjoy the story, but when real human evil takes hold and the powers that be are transformed into the powers that shouldn’t, it’s not OK at all to sit back and soak it in. The typical cliff hanger point in the novel represents the turning point of the focus of the story line, from the matters of the protagonists, back to the illusive dome itself. Which is unfortunate, because the dome is significantly less interesting than what it inspires its captives to do.
By this point, however, Stephen King already has us. – James

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas:

9781408857885 This book was simply fantastic. Maas has really outdone herself with this series, and it is only the second installment. I found this enjoyable, as it was not just a simple love triangle, but a book based on court politics, heavy decision-making, and potential war; at the same time as maintaining a purely adventurous plot. It was complex, engaging and whilst incredibly long, so satisfying to finish. I would definitely recommend this if you enjoy anything from Maria V Snyder, Marie Rutkoski and Leigh Bardugo. – Gabi

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare:

Set in the Victorian London era, author Cassandra Clare creates a haunting and unique setting through the use of characters and unforeseen plot twists.
A 16 year old orphan captured and dragged into a world that she did not know existed, may be a vital piece to this fantasy that many did not expect.
Clockwork Angel draws any age reader into this alluring historical era, by incorporating fantasy, love triangles and battles of the underworld.
Once readers dive into this first book in the Infernal Devices series, they won’t be able to stop. – Caitlin

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult:

The story centres around 13 year old Jenna’s search for her mother, Alice, who went missing after a tragic accident. Jenna refuses to believe she was abandoned as a young child. She enlists the help of 2 unlikely allies. Serenity Jones, a once famous psychic, and Virgil Stanhope, a jaded ex-cop turned private detective.
The novel is partially set at an elephant sanctuary in New England and also in the savannas of Africa, where Alice Metcalfe, Jenna’s mother, spent many years of her life researching elephants.
The tale wraps up with the ending so surprising that Jodi Picoult herself has issued a statement asking reviewers and readers not to reveal spoilers. Leaving Time is a book you will never forget and you will be urging friends to read it so you can discuss your thoughts and feelings with someone who has just been through the same emotional rollercoaster. – Alison


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