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This week we say hello to our Plenty Valley team as they steal the QBD Spotlight!
(but they left behind some awesome book reviews to console us)

9780099580485Wool by Hugh Howey:
Hugh Howey’s first installment of the literal underground bestelling Silo trilogy “Wool” takes us to a setting within the bowels of the Earth; enveloping us in a world of steel,concrete and most importantly deception. The stark presentation of life after global destruction depicts humanity’s bitter grip on survival whilst buried deep within a self-sustainable mega structure formed on rigid social compliance and an almost infallible system. Yet in the shadow of the last uprising, the air within the silo is rife with tension, broiling in the down deep of girders and perpetual mechanical whirs. We meet Juliette or Jules as she prefers, our begrudgingly chosen hero whose knack for fixing things and head strong demeanour is the nuts and bolts of the entire Mechanical division which in turn holds together the entirety of the silo. Jules is a non conformist and knows that things in the silo need drastic change yet the unseen ears and subtle whispers through the walls work to conspire against her to keep the system alive; to keep the citizens in line. With the oil-thick resistance and heavy earth pressing in all around her it becomes apparent that despite her reluctance Jules just might be the the only person in the deep warren of her world who can lift the wool from their eyes.
All in all, Wool is a captivating universe filled with rich characters whom Howey has brought to us through the lens of a broken world. A story of human struggle but also of human triumph, the weight of each step will pull the reader through the rust and dust alongside it and leave a ravenous hunger for another chance to explore the wells beneath a toxic Earth. After reading Wool I’ll admit that my ‘to read’ stack was shelved for a short while, just so I can devour the rest of this fantastic series! – Michael (Store Manager)

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard:
Follow the lives of Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer four high school students ,who reunite when their lives become in danger of unravelling thanks to “A”.
Could “A” be Alison the girl who knew all their deepest darkest secrets ,before she unexpectedly disappeared into thin air 3 years ago.
Is she back to exact her revenge on the girls?
Have the girls bitten off more than they can chew, when “A” becomes increasingly dangerous threatening to reveal all.
Follow the girls journey to find out who “A” is. – Frankie: 2IC

9780345813879All Out: A Father and Son Confront the Hard Truths That Made Them Better Men by Kevin Newman and Alex Newman:
This is a story every parent should read. It is told from 2 points of view; Kevin (Dad) and Alex (Son). It is an honest, raw and emotional account of a father who is trying to find the balance between his high profile career as a journalist and his family life. His son is struggling with his own problems such as being bullied at school and his sexuality.
What I enjoyed most about this book was the different perspectives the men both had in regards to the same events. How as an adult you can view something entirely different to that of a teenager. Both men are very honest in their accounts of their lives, making the reader think, laugh and consider how you, yourself are performing as a parent.
I myself was gasping, my heart in my throat, in the opening chapter reading Kevin’s account of the dramatic entrance Alex made into the world. I also really enjoyed the insights into the world of journalism and TV.
Overall this book is about family and how a parents love for their child is deep and unconditional. Although this father and son drifted apart through the years they found a way back to each other, making their relationship even stronger.
I really feel this book will resonate with readers. It will stay with you long after you have finished it. – Danielle

Yes Please by Amy Poehler:
Amy Poehler gives a refreshingly hilarious memoir which literally makes you laugh aloud.
She gives us an insight on her career thus far, her incredibly tight friendship with Tina Fey and general life advice. If there is one thing to get out of this book is that you shouldn’t take life too seriously.
After reading numerous memoir’s I finally found one that kept me entertained and wanting to read more. – Renae

9781476791456Confess by Colleen Hoover:
The story is about a heroine named Auburn who, by the age of 21, had already lost the most important thing in her life and was now just struggling to make ends meet. Faced with an impossible situation, she was desperate for any income she could get. When she came across a curious building, quite literally covered in scraps of paper with people’s deepest, darkest confessions written on it, she had no idea what she’d find inside. She certainly wasn’t expecting to find a quirky, ridiculously handsome, and very talented artist who practically begged her to work for him.
What she didn’t know was that he was keeping a secret. He remembered her… knew her from before but couldn’t tell her how. So the balance of their dynamic was very interesting as they both fell for each other while each respectively keeping back huge personal secrets that could change their lives…
I read this book as slowly as I could to prolong the experience. The story was completely unpredictable. Most books give you a vague idea of the direction they’re heading in but not Confess. I read each page with no idea what would happen next and I honestly loved that about it. This book is most certainly a romance, but it’s also so much more. It’s a story of survival, courage, unexpected chances, fate, sacrifice, confessions, lies, love, and healing. It’s deeply emotional and very fast paced. – Caitlyn

The Help by Kathryn Stockett:
Kathryn Stockett manages to seamlessly weave the lives of three entirely different women, all suffering through small town life in 1962. As the three women band together to break the rules and shatter the fragile nature of their communities racially prejudiced beliefs they face threats that could change the course of their lives.
Following the young and ambitious Skeeter, the hilarious and outspoken Minnie alongside the family-oriented Aibileen these women set out to collect the stories of the unheard women in their small town -the help. The fun and secrecy of their side project quickly becomes a far more serious matter the larger the number of people involved and the women struggle to balance their secret lives with their day-to-day. Featuring shenanigans, a sweet treat and a surprise around every corner Stockett delivers a fresh and exciting story of resilience and friendship full of memorable characters which is a must read for everyone who loves a summery page-turner. – Tara

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