Spotlight on QBD Mt Ommaney

Every bunny was reading at QBD Mt Ommaney this week!

They tell us about the books they have just finished reading below!

Natural Born Keller by Amanda Keller:
9781743316177 A read that all baby boomers will enjoy. I didn’t realise how long Amanda had been in the entertainment industry, and how many projects she had been involved in throughout her career.
From wonder world years in the 80s, beyond 2000 in the 90’s, to where she is today in our living room.
She is truly a humble person, starting each job with “i was lucky enough’ to be offered this job, playing down her talent and aptitude.
I was laughing at a number of points in the book and occasionally crying uncontrollably in other parts. If you enjoy celebrity biographies, you will enjoy this read. – Karen

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson:
For these six unforgettable children, family isn’t just the bond of blood, but the desire to protect each other. Maximum ride, max for short and her flock of unique friends are on the run from school.
But this isn’t just your everyday, run of the mill school. In fact, its a laboratory full of scientists who want their experiments back. But how far will they go to get max and the flock? – Chelsea.

9781921997501Akarnae by Lynette Noni:
For Fans who love Sara J Maas, this is the next must read series.
Our Hero Alex has a drastic change in life when she steps from one world literally into another. Will the new world Alex has arrived at be her new home or will she find a way to get back to her old one? This is the beginning of another fantastic series that weaves a tale of magic, mystery and fun.
The world that Lynette Noni has created will leave you with the feeling that you have crossed into Narnia with a bit of Harry Potter magic. – Krisitn

The Mountain Shadow by Gregory David Roberts:
This the continuing story of Lin’s life on the run from the Australian Authorities. After making a life for himself within the mafia in India, Lin feels his reason for loyalty to the mafia company is no longer applicable. Along with the first book, Shantaram, The Mountain Shadow is an exquisitely written book exploring love, honor, good and evil while giving us some thought provoking theories on the human nature wrapped up in a beautiful sentences that you will want to read again and again. – Chrystina

9781406365269The Infernal Devices 01: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare:
The creator behind the astonishing character of the mortal instruments series Cassandra Clare, is back with all new and exciting character, and twisting plot lines. In the year 1878, Tessa Gray has left her old life behind to live with her brother in London. But when she arrives, she is draw to the supernatural underworld in search of her now missing brother… – Chelsea


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