Spotlight on QBD Kawana 2016

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The Universe In Your Hand by Cristophe Galfard:

A little bit of *light* reading! Have you ever wondered about quantum physics? Do you ever think about how hot the sun is? How fast the speed of light is? The rate at which the universe is expanding? Where the universe ends? String theory? This book is a seriously deep and interesting read, while still being fun and a little whimsical. I *promise* you’ll be sucked in (kind of like a black hole) right from the start! Honest! – Crystal

9781409152125Landline by Rainbow Rowell:

On the verge of creating her dream TV series Georgie, says goodbye to her husband and two girls as they make their way to Omaha for Christmas. Sensing the growing disappointment her husband, Neil, has towards her long hours Georgie resolves to call Neil once she arrives at her mother’s from her old childhood vintage rotary phone. The phone connects her with 22 year old Neil during their first big fight. In this heartfelt and emotional book Georgie reaches out to her past and asks what if as she questions her relationship. Will she change their future?
This book was both humorous and quirky and left me wanting more. It is an interesting balance between contemporary and science fiction for young adults – Jenna

Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich:

These books are hands down the most hilarious books I have every read! Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter with no skills but a hell of a lot of luck and attitude. This series is a perfect combination of crime, comedy and romance. Ideal if you are looking for a light-hearted read – Teila

9781406350487More Than This by Patrick Ness:

It’s hard to describe exactly what this book is about without spoiling it, but I read it in a single day and it moved me to tears. Despite being a young adult novel, I would recommend absolutely everyone to read it, adults too. The book follows a boy named Seth, who wakes up in an abandoned suburb that he believes could be hell, after drowning in the ocean. As the story unravels and you find out exactly who he is and why he’s there, be prepared for some mind bending twists and turns and philosophical questions. These things stayed with me long after I finished the last page. The author, Patrick Ness is currently writing the Doctor Who spinoff “Class”, so if you want to check out some of his books then I highly recommend this incredible story. – Abbey

Life of Pi by Yann Martel:

This book should be an essential in everybody’s personal library! The plot follows a young shipwrecked boy named Pi as he journeys across the ocean in a lifeboat alongside a Zebra, Hyena, Orangutan and Bengal Tiger. A deeply moving and philosophical tale, this novel explores the importance of peace, family and belief systems; all the while providing readers with an entertaining and extremely clever allegory of animalism and humanity. Can Pi survive his ordeal at sea? Read and find out! – Jordan *****

9780751547832Bossypants by Tina Fey:

Profoundly insightful and hysterically funny in equal measure, Tina Fey’s Bossypants is the engrossing account of a woman who has conquered her awkward teen years in the company of the utterly fabulous, an illustrious career in comedy, the undeniable trials of motherhood and come out – mostly – unscathed. Arguably the work of the funniest comedian of modern America, each chapter of this memoir is a delight that never ceases to entertain and inspire – regardless the amount of times you reread it. – Josh


Obviously I opened the book!! It dared me and I just had to. Usually I am quite law abiding but I just had to keep turning the pages. The text is clever and the illustrations are a perfect match. Have you guessed yet? I love this book it is so funny and should be on everyone’s Christmas list (especially for 4+) – Jan
P.S. my other current favourite book is THE VERY CRANKY BEAR Five in the Bed hand puppet book with the cutest hand puppets. All the characters come alive in this perfect gift for babies and toddlers. – Jan


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